Sunday, 13 January 2013

Gradient glitter nail tutorial

Finally the wait is over.. I have for you yet another easy nail tutorial that doesn't take long at all and looks great too! Many prefer using glitter on their accent nail but i prefer the whole gradient look and am sure you will agree with me once you see the finished look. I decided to use black nail polish because it looks great as a background for the holographic silver glitter, ahh it looks like the night sky (well, sort of) but you can use any base colour you like :) 
I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial, right! let's get started.

The things you will need: some falsies (if you already have long nails then feel free to use them) nail polish of any colour, i chose black. Some glitter, i happened to have some silver holographic which is my fave! a topcoat and a cotton bud.
I already did the thumb nail with some gold glitter nail polish, just to see how it would look.

Step 1: Apply a top coat after your base colour is applied and dried. The topcoat is to ensure the glitter sticks to your nail.

Step 2: Sprinkle some glitter on to your work area and using a cotton wool bud swirl it around in the glitter and start pressing the glitter onto the nail. For it to look gradient you must add more glitter on one end then slowly add glitter downwards.


And it should look something like this :) continue to add glitter where you want until you are fully happy with the finished look. Add another topcoat to ensure that the glitter is protected thus making your nail art longer lasting :)
I am happy with the finished look and this is how it looks zoomed out :)

I hope you enjoyed this lil tutorial, do let me know how you got on! :)


  1. So simple, but so useful!

    I really want to try it now :D

    Thank you! :)

  2. @ Naomi Knows no problem! glad you liked it! let me know how you got on! :)


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