Monday, 21 January 2013

Hot fudge sundae body butter - Review

Bought - part of the Boots skincare Xmas gift set, was half price - £5.00

The only reason i picked up this gift set was because the packaging was just too damn cute, it's basically a small pink picnic hamper and inside it had 5 items: a gel eye mask, cherry face mask, hot fudge sundae body butter, a sandcastle shaped bath bomb and a marshmellow bubble bath.
I was needing a body butter badly and luckily it was included in this set. I am thinking that i should purchase the Body shop body butter which everyone raves about as soon as this is finished but then again i am so tempted to get the dirty works body butter since that smells delish too!
Once you open the lid, the smell of hot fudge sundae pours out and fills your room smelling like an old american diner that sells ice cream sundaes (picture that!)
It smells EXACTLY like a hot fudge sundae and it is hard not to eat this! i mean i just sit there smelling the stuff for like five minutes!
Right, onto the moisturizing properties... It has a real butter like texture and banishes dry skin. I use this straight after i have showered and my skin feels as if it has drank water! it is that moisturizing! Some other lotions and potions leave your skin feeling sticky and well you have to wait until it is fully absorbed but not this bad boy! it absorbs fast which is what we all ideally want.

This was sold in Boots during the Xmas period and i am not sure if they still have this in store, if your near boots then i suggest that you check it out just in case because this is something worth buying!


  1. Ooo this looks lovely! I really want it, since recently I have been buying far too many, but what's one more to add to the collection :)

    Oliviaaaa xx

  2. This is making me hungry!
    Following you via Monday Beauties blog hop'

  3. @Ohliviaaa haha ^^ i have also become obsessed with body butters so unhealthy right?

  4. @Souly Stones hehe it sure smells like a real life sundae ^^ thank you!

  5. This sounds so interesting, I have never seen this brand before - must not be available here in Australia!

    Found your blog via the Monday Beauties Blog hop – Great blog - I’m now a new follower.

    Hope you will check out my blog too – and while you are there, don’t forget to enter my INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY;

  6. @The beauty and lifestyle hunter, sadly it's only produced in the UK but am sure you can find dupes where possible :) thank you! i sure will! :)

  7. This sounds like it smells amazing!! I found your blog from Monday Beauties Blog Hop! I am now a follower. My blog is new but you should check it out. Great Layout btw, very lively :)

  8. @ Nini Kat it sure does! i totally recommend this to ALL! especially if you have a sweet tooth lol thank you for your kind words i will for sure check your blog out! :)


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