Friday, 4 January 2013

La Roche Posay Lipid-Replenishing Body Balm - Review

La Roche-Posay Lipid Replenishing Body Balm is a fragrance and paraben-free body balm for extremely dry, irritated skin, or skin that is prone to itching. Formulated with a very high concentration of shea butter and canola oil, it helps repair the skin’s lipid barrier, is gentle enough to be used on children and it seems to last forever due to the highly emollient properties of the cream. A little goes a very long way.

Although it’s a very good thing to leave out potentially irritating fragrance in products designed for sensitive skin, I have to be honest and say that I don’t like the way this product smells, it’s ever so slightly sour.

That said, it IS one of the most hydrating body creams I’ve ever used. In the winter when my skin feels dehydrated from central heating, I find this product to be absolutely brilliant in restoring moisture. However, a lovely fragrance is really important to me in body cream.

Yet another great product from this brand, will there ever be a product that is not actually that good?!

You can buy this online from Boots for £13.98

Have you ever tried this product and did it help your skin?


  1. Great blog! Found you via the Brightside blog hop :) x

    Beauty by Emma

  2. @ Emma Kershaw thank you! ^^

  3. hi! i am from the blog hop! how are you? i haven't read this blog post in depth but i was searching about and i can't wait to see what you have to come with your sneaky blog previews! lol! i love that glitter shot. nice job. <3 Erica

  4. Great read as I love highly moisturizing creams especially when the weather is very drying!


  5. @ Erica Jackson i am good thanks how are you?thank you for your honesty! :)am glad you like it!

  6. @ minty essence thank you!

  7. Great review lovely, I'm quite lucky with my skin and have yet to find a product which really doesn't work x


  8. love the hydration factor-- we could've used some of that on our winter vacay, although I'm with ya on the smell, I get the no perfumes added but I do like even just a hint of something flowery, esp. if it's something I'm gonna use often.

    Hi There,

    Stopping by from the GFC link up to share some aloha and to follow your story here. If you're up for a bit of a ride I'd love, love it if you'd join me at Local Sugar Hawaii . We're riding the wave of life together-- it's a sweet thing. 'hope to see ya soon.


  9. I have discovered some great products from this brand in the past few years. Im going to check this one out, Im sure my winter skin will thank me:)

    Sara xx

  10. @Nicole Buckingham thank you for your kind words <3 i would love to!

  11. @S.lennyn82 this brand is really quite something i have really been enjoying this and i would recommend this to everyone! ^^

  12. I really want to try this! I love La Roche Posay and my skin gets quite dry in the wintertime, so this would be perfect :) Thanks for the great review!

    xx Ellie 

  13. @Ellie thank you! I found that this really worked for me and it would be perfect for winter, give it a try! :)


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