Wednesday, 23 January 2013

LipSmacker Disney edition in Daisy Duck cutie pie - Review


I am sure that everyone has owned and loved lipsmackers before, i remember collecting them when i was young, it was something common but now the lipsmacker collection has become limited in the UK and i was so happy that i got the chance to review a lipsmacker from the Disney series.
The packaging screams attention with the hot pink and contrasting teal. The character is Daisy duck and the lipsmacker is called cutie pie.
Ahh how do i even begin to describe the scent?! it is very candy like and delicious.
What i love about this particular lipsmacker is that it gives off a subtle pink tint and it is very moisturizing on the lips. It also has the standard formula - non shimmer, smooth and shiny.

Overall this is guaranteed a hit amongst all age groups, who could not resist a bit of disney paired with THE lipsmacker?!

What were your favorites? 


  1. I think all ages would love this! Who ever falls out of love with Disney?

    I love the slight shimmer/sparkle quality.

    I honestly don't remember the lipsmacker craze at all!

    Where do you get these from? And what's the RRP? :)

    Naomi xxx

  2. @ Naomi Knows true! there was a hype amongst friends and i remember when i was 8/9 iused to collect them lol This was a PR sample but you can buy some from claires, they sell the fizzy drink flavoured ones :)

  3. Aww how cute is this?! I absolutely love lip smackers when I was younger, and it doesn't get much cuter than disney :) xxx

  4. @ Luna Lighta i know right!? no one can be too old for this hehe :)

  5. This looks so cute!!

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  6. wow i just found ur blog through blog hop its amazing xoxo

  7. @ ElleDeesBeauty thank you for your kind words ^^

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  9. @Bev thank you! i sure will! ^^


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