Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bad Apple Cosmetics, Dare to take a bite? - Review

Time for some nail polish galore! I present to you... Bad Apple Cosmetics. I have been seeing quite a fair amount of this in the blogosphere and now it was my turn to take a bite... (apple >> bite see what i done there haha) 
The Bad Apple design was developed by Darren Woods and the range is based on 70s cars. Bad Apple nail varnishes are made from quality material and are designed to be used by the professionals. Bad Apple nail varnishes are no drip, no chip and high gloss. Bad Apple Cosmetics do not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens.

The 3D polishes are the ones that fascinate me the most because the colours swifts with the movement of your hands.
I was generously sent 6 to test out and it was my turn to see what the hype was all about.

Barn - A gorgeous Fuchsia pink with lil shimmers is the ultimate pink for those who love darker shades. Though this is not a shade i would personally wear, some may enjoy using this on their toes as a summer shade.

Russet - A deep olive/forest green, which in different lighting changes to a dark golden reddish brown. A very unique shade indeed, Great to wear out and i actually needed another shade of green to add to my collection. The 3D polishes are worth the hype I tell you! ^^

Akane - Is the ultimate vampy red/burgundy and when i saw this i said no way! would I actually like/wear this? but when I swatched it I thought hang on this actually looks nice and let me tell you i never ever wear such dark colours and this was the first time i thought 'hey i can pull this off quite well' it looks best on short square nails and if longer then it would match the likes of Morticia Adams... which am sure no one would want to have that look hehe!

Top and Base - an amazing top and base coat since it delivers shine, maximizes the time before any chip occurs and it eliminates the need of two products since it is an all in one bottle.

Anna- A medium, blue toned pink which i absolutely loved! I was also drawn to this colour and I guess you can never have enough (medium - light) pinks.

Bad Bad - The ultimate black. I am yet to master wearing this shade on my nails because i love wearing black clothes but wearing this may seem daunting to me at first... I may start off just painting my accent finger but we shall see...

I have thoroughly enjoyed using these nail polishes and they truly mean business! 

The formula of the polish is great, really easy to work with & you only need two coats for a full opacity, it also dries quickly to leave a nice glossy finish. The range can cater for all age groups and the actual design of the bottle helps distinguish the brand from any personal collection.

Check it out here >> Bad Apple Cosmetics 

Have you tried these before? What are your views on it? I would love to know! Comment Below!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Papier Poudre - Review

Papier Poudré is a range of absorbent powdered face papers that has been on the market for over 100 years and this would be the first time i have ever heard/tried this.
The natural ingredients of Papier Poudré have special absorbent qualities for cleansing the pores, lifting oil, dust and dirt from the skin, and soak up excess oils to keep your face looking fresh and natural, removing shine, and leaving a delicate trace of powder and an instant matte finish to make up. 
Papier Poudré is available in the following shades: Rachel (Recommended for Dark/Medium Skin Types) , Rose (Recommended for Light Skin Types) ,White (Recommended for Very Light Skin Types)
I use these quite often now as they don't clog up the pores and it helps remove any excess oils and shine.
Naturally i chose the Rachel version and am not gonna lie but these blotting papers are fantastic. 
It really does what it says, It's great to travel with, keeping one in your bag or in the car. I have never used any blotting papers before but i am glad that this is my first because not only does it leave enough powder on your face and it also leaves your skin feeling soft too. Other oil absorbing papers may leave your skin feeling dry or tight perhaps? but i like how this finishes the face off rather than just take away the excess oil.

I would love to know your experiences with paper poudre, and if you have not tried these then you need these in your life! comment below ^^

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Lipgloss - Review

In the shade 02-Rose Indien is a bright pillar box red with tiny glitter particles. This Colour looks deceiving because it does not come out pigmented and instead comes out as a red tint.
I am glad though since i do not wear red, at all.
This lipgloss is supposed to plump the lips since it has a sandthorn extract which is known for its plumping and moisturizing properties. Once applied the lipgloss feels light weight and it is very moisturizing.
It is non sticky (hurrah!) and really makes your lips look ultra shiny.
Though it gave the illusion of bigger lips i did not feel that my lips went plumpy because i did not feel the tingly/pinching sensation that other plumping lipglosses do so i don't think that the lipgloss lived up to it's expectation.
However plumping aside i do think this is still a pretty good lipgloss because of it's slightly longer than average lasting ability to stay on the lips, it's great for those who don't feel comfortable wearing red (like myself) and the applicator is so precise that it adapts to the curve of your lips so the application is a doddle.
I did love the scent though, really fruity and somewhat similar to the scent of L'Oreal and Bourjois lipglosses.

Here is the link if you would like to check it out >> Yves Rocher 

Great product but a little let down on the plumping action.
I would love to know if you have tried this before and what were your thoughts? did it work for you? Comment below ^^

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

December/January Empties

I know i have not been posting this properly but it is simply because i am so bad at finishing products properly and quickly. I am quite proud of these two months though, managed to finish products that i thought would never end ^^

Original Source Shower Gel in Vanilla and Raspberry: OMG! I absoutely loved this stuff! smells exactly like a McDonald's Strawberry Shake! No lie! it lathers up well and i loved how the smell lingered on onto my skin, smelling like some sort of a dessert ^^ i will be repurchasing this! No doubt.

Olay Radiant Glow Moisturiser: This was one great moisturiser, it was a perfect base for make up and i have always loved the Olay brand. I felt that my face did look more radiant and my face was well moisturized. I already have a replacement for this (Sent by Savvy Circle, in the project i am taking part in) so when that is finished i may repurchase.

Palmolive Soft & Gentle deodorant:  I never used this deodorant before but i quite liked it, 
it was on offer so i thought might as well pick em up and try it. You constantly feel fresh whilst wearing this. It's a good buy but i would like to try another deodorant since i am forever changing it!

Chapstick: Who does not love Chapstick? it does what it says on the label. I am constantly collecting lipbalms and i am kinda regretting some purchases since i have alot to finish. This is the first of many so that is a start.

 Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner: This is a fantastic product since this is perfect for travelling or if you are on the go for most of the time. I simply had this to test this out because i have never used a spray on conditioner. I wouldn't mind purchasing the full size since it is so effortless to use and quick too.

Clarins Cleanser sample: I have never used Clarins before and i enjoyed using this cleanser, my skin was make up free and my skin felt and looked great too, I will not be purchasing this though, i am enjoying using my Yves Rocher Gel Cleanser a bit too much!

Maxfactor xperience foundation: This was a good foundation, Great for those who want light/medium coverage. It does not feel like you are wearing any make up which is a plus and it makes your skin look flawless and natural rather than cakey and made up. I still have alot of different foundations that i need to finish before purchasing another foundation, i would love to try out a NARS one next so we shall see.

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter: The smell is AMAZZZING! Just like a real grapefruit! this is so buttery and once applied you feel that your lips are nourished and moisturised to the max. I would love to try the other flavours too! 

So that is it for my empties, hope you enjoyed reading this post, i would love to know how long does it take for you to empty products. Comment Below! ^^

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Yves Rocher Culture Bio Refreshing Gel Cleanser - Review

I have already sampled the Yves Rocher brand and i loved it! So i was excited to see this in the Betrousse beauty box.
I have tried a BB cream and a eyeshadow duo from Yves Rocher before and i felt that the products were of high quality.
I have not tried anything from the skincare range and when i saw this i instantly felt happy because no joke this brand is AMAZZZZING! (slight exaggeration)
This gel cleanser cleanses the skin and removes all traces of make up.
The actual gel is a micellar gel which basically means that it is made up of mild components and when it is concentrated it is able to effectively remove all of the impurities.
It has this 'fresh spa' like scent which is great and the texture is so jelly like which can be a bit strange when applying on the face but there is no tackiness or residue that is felt or 
left on the face, it just instantly lifts and wipes away your make up.
Once my face was cleansed i instantly felt a cooling sensation and it felt as if my skin was saying thank you because it felt amazing. If i had to choose between a cream cleanser and a gel i would definitely choose the gel simply because the experience of feeling this on your face is quite different compared to other cleansers.
This is mild enough to use on sensitive and normal eyes so nothing to worry about if it gets in your eyes.
I am enjoying French brands at the moment, i just cannot find a fault in this, it does what it says on the tin (well, bottle)

Have you tried this cleanser before? how was your experience whilst using this? do let me know ^^ comment below!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Vera Valenti Eyeshadow in Pink - Review

With Flash

Omg! I have never seen such a girly compact of eyeshadows!
This is by a brand called Vera Valenti which i have never heard of, it actually came in one of my Betrousse beauty boxes.
I was amazed at the pigmentation and quality of this because at such a cheap price the quality matches up to more luxurious brands.
I wish they did a natural/smokey version so it would of been more wearable for me, since these shades are NOT for everyday daytime.
But i have found a use for this, I am going to be using this on my cilents and since i am a MUA it definitely comes in handy to use for Asian bridal make up since Asian weddings are very colourful and pretty.
This compact only costs £2 and it is worth each and every penny.
All of the eyeshadows have a shimmery finish and blend really well.
I cannot wait to test these out on a cilent! i shall be taking some snapshots to share with you all so you can see exactly how it looks on the eyes.
I also swatched this WITHOUT a primer so you can probably imagine the colour intensity and longevity with a primer. Just Amazing! I would recommend this to all. I would love to try out more products from this brand since this eyeshadow is of an amazing quality.

Have you tried any other product from the Vera Valenti range? do let me know! comment below ^^

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Savvy Circle Venus and Olay Project - My first project

 Being a member of the SavvyCircle and Super Savvy me is great! It is all about products! from food items to beauty products.
Once you sign up you can take part in questionnaires, print off discount coupons, talk to other members in the forum about  any products, write products reviews and opt in on projects like this one.

Every couple of months, a new product is sent to members that are randomly chosen and you get to test and keep the product as well as spreading the word on the product e.g. writing reviews, handing out the leaflets that are provided in the bag and asking your friends and family to fill in a mini questionnaire that is also included too.
I have been a member for a long time but i never got picked to take part in a project, but bearing in mind there are millions of members that have joined on Savvy circle so you are counting on your luck. I decided the other day to try again and signed up for it and after a couple of days i received a parcel and it was this!! just goes to show that you should never give up... On anything.
This project started in January and will end in April, You have to be quick in the Application phase because it is no longer open for new opt ins but do not be disheartened! there will be a new project that will start in April with another product so don't forget to apply for that.

I received 1x Venus & Olay five-blade razor,1x Olay Essentials Complete Care Multiradiance Fluid and 1x “Ask your friends” booklet to survey others and to pass on to friends, family, colleagues and neighbours: 10x Venus & Olay beauty cards with tips and a money-saving coupon and 10x Olay beauty cards with tips and a money-saving coupon.
I cannot wait to test out the products and review/document them here. 

You can check out the websites here >> Supersavvyme & Savvycircle 
Have you ever been picked to take part in a project? or is will you be opting in a new one? i would love to know! Comment below :)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Beauty Journal from Mad Beauty - Review

Mad Beauty Journal*

Mad Beauty offers a wide range of cosmetics, cosmetic gifts, accessories, skincare and professional beauty products. Whether you are looking for professional beauty products, a gift for someone or even a gift for yourself. They have it all! I personally love the unusual and innovative products that they sell.
I have for you a classic by Mad Beauty - The Beauty Journal.
Available in two colours (pink and silver) this journal contains 28 eyeshadows and 20 lipglosses in a small handy sized compact.
Just looking at the journal, you actually cannot tell that inside would be a sea of colours because it actually looks like a notebook.
The compact is encased with a gorgeous PVC pink croc skin (not real of course) and once opened you can see that the eyeshadows are on one section and the lipglosses are on the other section, complete with a handy mirror and a double ended applicator.
There are a wide range of eyeshadow colours to choose from! from a neutral brown to a deep  blue jewelled tone. All of the eyeshadows have an intense shimmery finish with small glitters. I have found that some of the darker shades had more pigmentation than some of the lighter shades.
 In terms of wear i was able to get a good 5-6 hours with an eye primer.
The lipglosses also have a vast range of colours from bright reds to muted light pinks.
Though the reds look dark, the shades are actually more of a tint. I was a bit disappointed to see that because i was expecting a red that screams "look at me!" 
 All of the glosses have a sheen but only some have some glitter in them, my favourite one is the milky light pink which does have a good pigmentation. The wear is ok but you need to reapply everytime.
Overall this is a good palette because it is presented well, it has a wide range of colours and it is a great gift idea for someone who loves make up.

If you like what you see then go visit Mad Beauty - Beauty Journal 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Betrousse Pretty Beauty Box - Initial reaction and Opening the Box

 Yves Rocher Organic Refreshing Gel Cleanser - £11
I have used Yves Rocher before and i enjoyed using this brand so i was happy to see another item from the brand. This gel cleanser looks promising! cannot wait to review this.

Saffron London nail varnish in Black Crackle - 0.75p
This is a repeat since it was in the fairy beauty box, My opinion will stay the same as before i will probably give both away since i am over the crackle look.

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Volume Gloss (Pink)- £13.90
YAY another Yves Rocher product, My first reaction was woah that is one bright red! and since that this is not a colour i would ideally wear i then checked out the shade by swatching it and turns out it is a light red tint which i can live with. Another great product i am looking forward to review.

Vera Valenti, valetta eyeshadow in Pink £2 (you either get pink or grey) These shades are tad bright and are not everyday use but i have put it in my kit since this will come in handy for when i do Asian bridal make up on my cilents.

Essyta Cosmetics Body Moisturizing Lotion for dry skin (or all skin types)- £13.50
You can never have enough body moisturizers and i was needing a lotion just for dry skin so this would be great to test out.
Cupcake Organic The frankincense and Orange day cream - £16
Another cream that has been featured in this box, i have not heard of this brand but i am liking the look of the packaging. I am not keen on orangey scents but we shall see how this product goes.

Arganti 100% Pure Argan oil - £10
I have not used Argan oil before so i am looking forward to seeing the benefits in using this.

Kesari Radieuse Anti-age - £47
Since i am way too young to use this i will not be reviewing this so instead i will be gifting this.

Papier Poudre gift pack of 3 booklets - £7.95
I am always wanted to try something like this! love the vintage packaging and this will be great to carry in my handbag for touch ups.

Overall this box has some great products, 9 products for the price of £17 is a bargain! Altogether the price was actually worth £75 so a definite bargain.
Check out the website here for more info!