Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bad Apple Cosmetics, Dare to take a bite? - Review

Time for some nail polish galore! I present to you... Bad Apple Cosmetics. I have been seeing quite a fair amount of this in the blogosphere and now it was my turn to take a bite... (apple >> bite see what i done there haha) 
The Bad Apple design was developed by Darren Woods and the range is based on 70s cars. Bad Apple nail varnishes are made from quality material and are designed to be used by the professionals. Bad Apple nail varnishes are no drip, no chip and high gloss. Bad Apple Cosmetics do not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens.

The 3D polishes are the ones that fascinate me the most because the colours swifts with the movement of your hands.
I was generously sent 6 to test out and it was my turn to see what the hype was all about.

Barn - A gorgeous Fuchsia pink with lil shimmers is the ultimate pink for those who love darker shades. Though this is not a shade i would personally wear, some may enjoy using this on their toes as a summer shade.

Russet - A deep olive/forest green, which in different lighting changes to a dark golden reddish brown. A very unique shade indeed, Great to wear out and i actually needed another shade of green to add to my collection. The 3D polishes are worth the hype I tell you! ^^

Akane - Is the ultimate vampy red/burgundy and when i saw this i said no way! would I actually like/wear this? but when I swatched it I thought hang on this actually looks nice and let me tell you i never ever wear such dark colours and this was the first time i thought 'hey i can pull this off quite well' it looks best on short square nails and if longer then it would match the likes of Morticia Adams... which am sure no one would want to have that look hehe!

Top and Base - an amazing top and base coat since it delivers shine, maximizes the time before any chip occurs and it eliminates the need of two products since it is an all in one bottle.

Anna- A medium, blue toned pink which i absolutely loved! I was also drawn to this colour and I guess you can never have enough (medium - light) pinks.

Bad Bad - The ultimate black. I am yet to master wearing this shade on my nails because i love wearing black clothes but wearing this may seem daunting to me at first... I may start off just painting my accent finger but we shall see...

I have thoroughly enjoyed using these nail polishes and they truly mean business! 

The formula of the polish is great, really easy to work with & you only need two coats for a full opacity, it also dries quickly to leave a nice glossy finish. The range can cater for all age groups and the actual design of the bottle helps distinguish the brand from any personal collection.

Check it out here >> Bad Apple Cosmetics 

Have you tried these before? What are your views on it? I would love to know! Comment Below!


  1. Omg!!! These are lovely cute looking bottles <3 Colors are so nice xx

  2. @Sana :) hehe i agree! truly eyecatching and unique :)

  3. Cutest nail polish photos :)


  4. Very pretty colors!! I love the round bottles!!

  5. @Petro Neagu thank you! ^^


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