Sunday, 3 February 2013

Little Trinkets Jewellery - Review

Chloe Beige Flower Earrings*

Little Trinkets is a company that sells gorgeous handmade vintage and costume jewellery.
I got the chance to review two pieces from the website, they kindly let me choose my two pieces that i would actually wear, how sweet of them :)
I really liked two of their products and that was the Eloise Necklace* with the letter 'Z' and a pair of earrings entitled Chloe Beige Flower*.
I was impressed at how it was packaged and how the colours co ordinated with the vintage/shabby theme.
First up the Earrings - what attracted me to them was the overall design and how unique it looked, The colour and print is very up my street and i have always loved the look of flowers on earrings. The actual stud is covered in fabric and isn't too big so it doesn't look as if the earring has taken over your ear space.
Lastly the Necklace - I was hoping to buy an initials necklace from another shop but how lucky was i to already find one made by Little Trinkets. The letter pendant is actually made out of Tibetan silver wax which is something you don't see everyday and it is accompanied by a 6mm Swarovski pearl and an indian pink Swarovski bicone crystal. I love how dainty this looks and feels. I kind of knew that normal initials/letter necklaces have the same look with similar fonts and styles but i can really see the great craftsmanship in this one!

Check out the website here, if you are into the vintage/costume scene then this is definitely something for you! 


  1. This necklace is just tooo cute :)

    Found your Blog over #bbloggers Blog hop and I really like it. New Follower.


  2. Aww wow, how adorable :) it's sooooo cute! xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. @Gemma Turner it sure is :)

  4. @Fannie :) i think so too ^^

  5. I love the necklace , Thanks for posting i am checking them out as we speak . I would love to get your feed back on my page . I look forward to more of your posts


  6. @Melissa no problem! thank you! i sure will :)


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