Sunday, 24 March 2013


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What a collection! Chanel never fails to disappoint! The NEW Summer collection is based on butterfly wings and the array of colours are associated with nature, the deep blues, magnificent greens and so on.
The highlight of this collection for me would have to be the coloured mascaras, it is something very unique to add to the collection and am sure this will attract a much younger audience.
Personally I don't think I would be able to pull it off but I like how it looks on the campaign, especially with the beautifully contrasted eyeshadow colours.
I am also loving the sea green nail varnish, it is just too pretty! I cannot wait for this collection to come out so I can swatch some of the products and be mesmerized.

Am guessing that this will be a hit! This collection will be released in May :)

Do you like this new collection? What grabs your attention?

Monday, 18 March 2013

Updates - GFC to Bloglovin, Blogposts and Thank yous

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to write a quick update post just to let you what has been happening :)
First thing, It has been seen all over the blogosphere, yes you know it! it's the GFC issue, apparently in July it won't exist anymore so i have an alternative - Bloglovin! it is another way to follow other blogs and new posts show up on the news feed.
So to make sure that you are updated with my blog please click the lil pink button on the left to follow me on Bloglovin. Thank you to all my readers who have already done so :)

Second thing, because i have lots of revision/hwk i find it hard to post quality content everyday, i will try to post every other day or in the worst case every couple of days. I know it is unfair to my followers but i want to say thank you for being patient.

Third thing, I have loads to content coming up, i will be venturing into the fashion side of things, i will be adding tutorials and plenty of reviews.
I really hope that you all have been enjoying my blog and feel free to add any suggestions in the comment box.

Hope you all have a great day
Zara Xx

Friday, 15 March 2013

Spring Fling - Make up Collections 2013

Beautysets - Spring Fling - Make up collections 2013

Ahh Spring! One of my favourite seasons (not to forget Summer too!) where the Sun shines more (lucky if you are not in the UK) new flowers blossoming and life seems to have more colour and one of the reasons I love spring is because of the new make up collections that are released.
We have just come out of jewel/deep toned colours phase, the season of hot chocolates, layered scarves and a world that is so bare and somewhat dull but spring makes me happy because it means pastel colours, rabbits and daffodils (I usually associate spring with these things)
I have featured here four of my top favourite spring make up collections that have been released for this year.
I like how all the collections have a candy/pastel theme, the colours are not only great to look at but it also adds the perfect touch to any outfit by adding accents of colour... especially if you love wearing black (such as myself) ^^

Will you be purchasing any products from any of the collections? <3 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

CHARME D ORIENT relaxing body massage cream - Review

CHARME D ORIENT massage cream* RRP £16

Formulated with a base of black seed oil, cinnamon essential oil and capsicum. Ideal for relaxing muscles and for massage.Who doesn't love massages? The packaging is pretty standard but the actual cream itself works wonders. It isn't greasy and absorbs pretty quickly. It smells like spas and somewhat reminds me of an oriental scent. The tub is pretty big so this will last ages. To be honest this is not something I'd think about buying but that's the point of beauty boxes I guess because you discover new brands that you may have never heard of. 

I am however glad that atleast i have this as a new addition for those me time pamper days. It is great to take time out and leave the busy hectic world to one side. I would most probably use this on my legs and joints because that is where most of the strain goes and am sure my body will appreciate it. I was worried that this cream may cause a mess but since it has fast absorbing properties there is no mess. I think this product is great for anyone. From someone who gyms alot to a teenager's pamper night.

Have you tried this brand or cream before? what are your views on it?

Monday, 11 March 2013

Soins experts Hydra Expert Cream - Review

Soins expert is a brand i have heard of before but i had never tried anything and since i got this in my Betrousse box,it was perfect timing.
 The cream is encased in a luxe feeling weighty glass jar and looks expensive too.
As stated on the website the HydraExpert Cream contains ceramides, essential fatty acids and Jojoba Oil.
Ceramides are used to maintain ideal moisture levels in the skin.
Essential fatty acids including Omega. The lack of Omega 3 is often associated with dry skin. Use of Expert Hydra Cream helps restore the balance Omega 3 / Omega 6, essential for proper tissue development and renewal.
Jojoba Oil regulates sebum production. It also has protective properties by creating a non-greasy film that preserves natural skin moisturising (against cold and drought).
Phew! that is alot to handle and i was intrigued with the outcome.
I already like how professional/expensive the product looks and it would look amazing on any dresser. The actual cream is thick but do not fret it does not have a greasy after feel and it sinks well into the skin making it feel moisturised and well looked after. 
I needed something to help my skin for the weather and especially if you live in the UK you would need to adapt according to it and i like how it helps against the cold.
It could be used as base before applying make up. I love the spa like scent and i know for some, scents can seem a bit daunting because it may not go well with other skin types or the scent is not liked but this is different and if i had be specific then i would describe it as a clean crisp meadow ^^
However this cream does come with a hefty price tag - £34. I suppose that you are paying for the brand and the ingredients. I do like this and i would reccomend this to all.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Rimmel Blusher in Summer Fever - Review

Blushers are always a staple in my make up bag, I am forever finding and trying different brands. One of the blushers that i found to be great value for money and a dupe for more expensive blushers - This Rimmel blusher in the shade Summer Fever.
This is the first Rimmel blusher that i have tried and i was far from being disappointed. It is a brand that i never go for and i always walk past this whenever i am in Boots.
What intrigued me was the trio of colours that work harmoniously together to create the ultimate flushed cheeks.
In the compact there are two blushers and one highlighter. Since the highlighter is the lightest shade i am guessing that in this case it is the pink but i would actually use this as the blusher itself.
The reddy brown would be perfect to use for contouring and that is why i like this mini compact because you can either swirl the colours together and use it as a blusher, the shade becomes a deep mauve/pinky purple or you can use it as directed.
The blusher is shimmery but it does not contain any glitter. It blends well and the pigmentation is great for the price and trust me you do not need to use alot, so this product will probably last a long time.

Have you tried this blusher before? what are your views on it?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Kryolan Yellow Corrective Concealer - Review

None of us have perfect air brushed skin so the best way is to fake it.
 That's why concealers are one of my most favourite make up items
Corrective concealers basically aids normal concealers to disguise flaws completely.
This is a yellow toned corrector that i have in my kit and this helps disguise under eye circles and other types of pigmentation.
This is really creamy and this makes it easy to blend so it doesn't look so obvious. This also has the brightening factor which is perfect because a) it disguises the area and b) no one will really look at that area on your face.
I use this sometimes and every time i do it makes me look awake and refreshed. Once a concealer is used on top you do not see the yellow but it does work effectively alongside the concealer.
This helps keep the concealer on for longer and it is best for when a concealer is not enough.
(Phew! i have mentioned the word concealer alot in this post hehe)
If you would want to see a tutorial on how to use this corrector then do comment below and let me know :) 

Do you use any correctors? Do you feel that it makes a much bigger difference? 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in the shade medium - Review

I am nearly finished using my Fit me concealer from Maybelline so I needed to buy another concealer and I turned to this. This is the first time I have tried the Collection 2000 concealer and after reading so many reviews I will have to join the fan following and say it's awesome!

It claims to be an ultimate wear concealer which conceals flaws, imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours. It is transfer proof and water resistant for full and long lasting coverage, and provides beautiful, shine-free, blemish-free skin.
It comes in 4 shades to suit a variety of skin tones but I chose the Medium shade for my skin since it was the closest match. I bought this on offer from Morrisons last week when it was reduced to £3.19, but the regular price is £4.19.

The concealer comes in a clear tube and you can see the shade without opening it. It has a doe foot applicator which is best for applying such products. The consistency of the concealer is quite thick but not runny. It goes onto the skin very smoothly and it is very blendable because it is ultra creamy. It does an excellent job of concealing dark eye circles and hiding any red patches, spots, or blemishes and imperfections. It does last - although I'm not sure on 16 hours - but it does last from morning until the early evening. It is easy to touch up on the go if necessary.

Once blended it provides a natural matte base. Overall I am very impressed with this product from Collection 2000 and next time I am looking to try a new beauty product it will be a brand that I will definitely consider. This concealer is a bargain and is excellent quality for the price.

What are your views on this concealer? A staple in your bag or you have not tried it yet?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Monthly Favourites - February 2013

Wow! Another month has just flown by! Time does not wait for anyone... but anyway here is what i have been loving in the month of February.

Olay essentials complete care plus radiance moisturising lotion: I have been loving this new Olay lotion, it is the perfect base for make up and I have found that my complexion has been given a radiance boost. New staple for the make up bag for sure!

Sleek eau la la liner in Cocoa: I have rediscovered this from my vast collection of eyeliners and I felt that I needed a change from black so i went for a more subtle brown. Great pigmentation and lasts quite some time since it is waterproof.

Kryolan yellow corrective concealer: Lately my routine in terms of sleep is so messed up. I have become nocturnal no joke! so this helps me from looking overly tired and it instantly brightens up the under eye area. It is a great prep base before applying concealer on top.

Sleek blusher in Pixie Pink:  Since i do like to switch between my blushers from time to time I have been loving using this lately, very pigmented so you only need a little to achieve the ultimate flushed cheeks. This shade would go with any skintone and i love how you can achieve rosy cheeks within seconds.

Figs and Rouge Rambling Rose balm: I have always preferred lipbalms, especially the ones that have a matte finish rather than a glossy finish so naturally i would turn to this. Great for on the go and i love the rose scent that this little magical pot has. Really helps moisturise dry lips in the colder months so this was my essential. Looks cute in any vanity case.

Hope you liked my short but sweet February Favourites :) What product have you been loving in the month of February?

Friday, 1 March 2013

Olay Essentials Complete Care Plus MultiRadiance Moisturising Lotion - Review

Olay Essentials Complete Care Plus MultiRadiance Moisturising Lotion*

Courtesy of the Savvy circle project, as part of their current project i was sent this (Along with the new razor to match). I love Olay moisturisers and i knew that this would be a hit.
I love anything that can help boost radiance so this was perfect for me.
I use this as a base before applying my daily day make up and i felt that my skin has changed instantly. It not only makes you look all glowy but it also banishes dry skin that you may have and this allows my foundation to look more flawless.
The consistency is not too thick and it absorbs into the skin like a dream. It feels light and my skin felt instantly refreshed.
Like with all Olay creams this has the signature smell but if i had to describe it then I wouldn't know how, but am sure if you are a regular Olay user then you will understand what i am saying.
One of the advantages with this product is that is has a pump. This is more hygienic and saves you wasting any excess cream. For me one pump is enough to cover the whole surface of my face.
I truly recommend this to all, great for combination skin, light, instantly absorbed, says bye to dull skin and the pump finishes it off nicely.
Check it out here >> Dream Cream