Sunday, 21 April 2013

EX1 Blusher Pretty in Peach - Review

EX1 Blusher*
I just love blushers! I was sent a blusher from EX1 Cosmetics and I absolutely loved this shade.
All of the EX1 Blushers are 100% oil and fragrance free and it is non pore clogging too! 
There are 4 shades available and each one enhances your skin tone by either giving warmth, a healthier appearance,a holiday glow and radiance too.
Pretty in peach gives warmth to my complexion and oh my! the pigmentation is fantastic! (slight exaggeration) but you literally just need to touch the tip of your blusher brush and you have enough colour to create a natural flush. Trust me you do not need to swirl your brush!
The colour itself is pretty, a coral peach shade that instantly reminds you of the warmer months to come. The texture is very creamy even though it is powder and it is very light and blendable. I think that 4 shades in the collection is simply not enough! Great to add to your blusher collection and trust me this one is currently my go to!
A fantastic product from this brand ^^ I highly recommend this blusher!
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  1. The coral color is so pretty on your skin!

  2. @Endymion LOL i agree to that ^^

  3. @Sana <3 it's a pretty shade i have to admit, have you checked out the other shades?

  4. @Stephanie aww thank you! ^^

  5. @Marie thank you :) sure will :)

  6. I've never heard of this brand before, but that blush looks beautiful. I like it. I saw you on the meet me on the bright side blog hop. now following you.

  7. @DeBresha Vereen you must check out the whole range :) its fab! aww thank you :)


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