Thursday, 16 May 2013

Amelia's Bath Bombs Raspberry & Pomegranate Squiggle Soap - Review

Raspberry & Pomegranate squiggle soap*

I love this! It just looks unique and something out of a Sci-fi movie. 
I have never seen soap like this before, it does look like mini soaps in a bar of blue(y) goodness. I also like how the colour doesn't co ordinate with the smell because when you normally associate raspberry/pomegranate scents you would think of red or pink.
The scent is mindblowing, a really scrummy scent of fresh raspberries and pomegranate. Gah! I really wanted to eat this!
This soap lathers up well and left my hands feeling and looking squeaky clean.
After my hands were washed the scent disappeared :( I would of really liked the scent to have stayed.
The price? £2.49 A pop.
Check this cool soap out here

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