Saturday, 18 May 2013

Amelia's Bath Bombs - Smooches Trendy Soap - Review

Smooches Trendy Soap*

This is the last of the soaps that I had received from the array of bath goodies. Entitled 'smooches' this soap is beyond cute and would look amazing on any soap dish. 
A very feminine one indeed.
This comes from a range that is called 'trendy soap' there are alot of cool soaps that have a motif in the middle, the palm tree one is my favourite from that collection.
This soap has passion fruit essential oils and is handmade.
This does smell very citrusy and scrummy at the same time.
This soap lathered up well and left my hands squeaky clean but just like the squiggle soap this also did not leave behind that fabulous scent.
I enjoyed the soaps from this company, all have fabulous scents and are very colourful too.
Another great priced item at £2.49 and you can check it out here


  1. Love this, it is so pretty xx

  2. So cool!! Love this soap :) Found your blog via the blog hop and followed on bloglovin and GFC. Feel free to drop by my blog sometime.

    Have a great weekend,

  3. Oh wow this is the most adorable soap ever.. I love it xxx

    Gemma | ♥

  4. This is so pretty I'd almost be too scared to use it LoL ;) x x

  5. @beautyqueenuk i agree :)

  6. @benlovesting :) it is indeed

  7. @Kristine :) thank you! i sure will :)

  8. @Gemma T :) it sure is! don't forget to check out the site :)

  9. @Elrese haha i totally agree to that! if its too pretty i don't feel like using it either! same goes with bath bombs


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