Thursday, 2 May 2013

Etat Pur Radiant Complexion Care - Review

Etat Pur Radiant Complexion Care*

Recently i have been getting to know more and more brands, especially in skincare. Etat Pur is one of them. A brand i have never heard of or tried so i did a bit of research.
Etat Pur is a French skincare brand and the products from the range can help in tackling the lack of radiance to battling cellulite and bringing back firmness to the skin.

This is a tinted moisturiser and i was worried that it may be a bit dark and not suit my complexion but once it is blended into the skin it leaves very little pigment on the skin. I like how the moisturiser is in a pump, very hygienic and i find that one pump is enough to cover the whole surface area of my face.
It absorbs into the skin really well and I love the scent that this product carries, it is almost citrusy (that's as far as i can go with describing it)
 It does brighten and even out my complexion, therefore living up to its promises! 
In terms of moisturisation, this is ok for my normal/combination skin but it may not offer enough hydration for someone with dry skin. 
It lives up to its promises and it is reasonably priced. I really cannot fault it and it is the first product I have ever tried from Etat Pur.
In due course I will be reviewing more of their products such as the pure actives once I have had a chance to use them for a while.

Etat Pur have made a fantastic range of products and here you and can read about all the things the range is free from here 
Have you tried any product from Etat Pur? If so how was the experience whilst using the product?


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