Friday, 24 May 2013

L'Oreal Chrome Intensity Eyeshadow in Blue Jean* - Review

I am sure everyone knows how good these lil beauties are - The L'Oreal chrome intensity eye shadows are one of my favourites. For a high street brand this is for sure a very luxurious and a highly pigmented eyeshadow. I already own one that is entitled Purple Obsession. The link for that review - here
I received this one in my goody bag and boy was I happy to see this! I love the intense navy blue shade. It has blue sparkles and is a very shimmery shade indeed.
In just one swipe of the eyeshadow on my wrist, this is how the product looks! with just ONE swipe... Imagine the depth of the colour you will achieve if used with an eye primer.
I love the packaging of this mono eyeshadow, so eye catching and the combination of gold and blue works well! You get the mini applicator but I never use those.
Wear time is brilliant, with primer it lasts a good 5 - 7 hours before it starts to fade. If you do need to re apply then who says that you can't pop it in your bag and touch up on the go? (don't forget a mirror)
It blends well into a smokey eye (not recommended for a day time look) and does not crease which is great and neither does any fall out occur when applying the shadow.
This is worth each and every penny because I know other brands who charge twice or triple for their mono shadows simply because of the 'brand name' so a mere £5.99 is nothing. 

I would recommend this range of eyeshadows from L'Oreal <3 ^^

Have you tried this or any other colour from this range? I would love to know.


  1. Where have I been, I haven't even heard of these shadows lol. I'll defo be checking these out next time i'm shopping

  2. I haven't tried any eyeshadow colours like that before, but I sure will now! Thanks!

    Please follow my blog?

  3. Want that now! I thought it looked pretty pigmented in the package, glad it really is on skin.
    xoxo Aimee

  4. @ElleDeesBeauty let me know if you find it and how it goes :)

  5. @LaJosephine sure! no problem :) I have :)

  6. @Aimee P yes, some eyeshadows can look deceiving but this one is true to how you see it :)


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