Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Nail Polish Swatches - My Collection So Far

I have seen nail swatches like this everywhere and the one that I liked the most was on the lovely blog 'the treasure chest' that is run by Joanna, Go check out her blog :) It's Awesome.
I decided to get out my collection and swatch away, it is more fun then it looks and I also decided to paint combinations so when i am choosing one I won't be standing there thinking for 10 minutes what glitter polish to put on top of a base coat.
I think that this has made it easier for me so that I can see what shades I have and what combination works well. From the swatches above I am loving the navy blue with gold glitter. Now I know what will be my next nail look :) The possibilities are endless!
I actually should of labelled the swatches was what I thought when I was half way through then I carried on painting away. If you would like to know a particular colour from the swatches then feel free to comment below, I'll reply back with the name of the polish :)
I'm now thinking to do the same with my lipsticks...

Have you swatched your polishes like this below? if so send me your link so i can check it out :)


  1. Such pretty nail polish colors <3!!! I currently almost have 100 bottles of nail polish!! I know thats crazy .. Love your swatches !!

    Cherry ~~

  2. @CherryBerry woah! that's amazing! do you have swatches for all of them? :)

  3. Great swatches! Looks like you got a lot of great colours!

  4. Wow. that's a lot of colors! I love them!

  5. @Brittney aww thank you! i haven't got that much of a collection but i do like the shades that i have so far :)


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