Thursday, 27 June 2013

Goodbye GFC Hello Bloglovin!

Am sure all of you know that on the 1st of July our beloved GFC will be removed and so we need other methods of following other blogs, Luckily there is bloglovin.
Normally a blog can exist without the people but to me it is what makes my blog a little bit special. I will no longer be able to see those smiling faces that are my fabulous followers :( 
So despite the sad news there is another way to follow my blog...

and that is bloglovin! 
Bloglovin is a free site that lets you follow as many blogs as you want and you can even categorize them too!
Clicking the follow button will ensure that YOU will be completely up to date with Bows and Pearls.
At the moment I have 230 followers on Bloglovin and 336 followers on GFC so around 100 of my followers are missing out! I have worked so hard to achieve such numbers so I would like to ask you for a favour... in return for my regular uploads could you please click on the 'follow this blog with bloglovin button'
Thank you to all who have already done so and thank you to who ever has just clicked the button now :)


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

L'Oreal Color Riche Serum Lipstick In Bright Cocoa* - Review

I have tried L'oreal lipsticks but I have never tried any serum enriched ones from any brand in that matter.This is one of the numerous lipsticks/gloss/balms that happens to have be a hybrid and slowly 'normal' lipsticks will become a thing of the past.. Since this one happens to be a hybrid, it has a multitude of benefits and looks kinda cool too! here is the product description for this lipstick.
L’OrĂ©al Paris Boosting Serum Inside is our first lipstick with a serum heart, enriched with ingredients from our advanced skincare technology, Collagen and Pro- Xylane®, chosen for their moisturising properties.Lips are plumped with moisture, defined, and enveloped in voluptuous colour that doesn’t feather. Available in 8 sumptuous new shades.
The shade I am reviewing is raisin brown shade entitled bright cocoa and at a first look I would never wear this simply because it is such an intense brown but once I wore it i grew a liking towards it.
It has this lovely scent that is a cross between a traditional lipsticky scent and a scrummy scent that is used in their lipglosses. Marvellous!
Texture wise it is very creamy and moisturising, the formulation is quite thick too which is great because within moments you have a pigmented lip that does not need layering up.
Once worn I found that the lipstick did not bleed/feather out so it definitely lives up to the product description.
It also looks shiny and has glitter running through the beautiful brown shade so it is not a dull matte colour, it has dimension and it also gives the illusion of fuller lips.
Lasts long than a traditional lipstick but since this does not feather you do not need a lip liner for this. Applying this is a doddle and this would be a perfect addition to any lipstick collections out there.

Have you tried this before? What are your views on it?
Check it out here - link 

Monday, 24 June 2013

High End and Drugstore Makeup Wishlist #1

Revlon Colorstay foundation|Revlon Photoready cream blusher|Maybelline Lasting drama gel eyeliner| Maybelline Babylips| Nars Concealer

Lately I have going through websites and websites of make up and trying to decide my next batch of new pretty makeup items.
I decided to make a collage for you all to see what I would like to purchase next.
After reading MANY reviews from other fellow bloggers I came to a conclusion that these products have been raved about alot and deserve a home... 
First up is the Revlon Colorstay foundation, After my bare minerals foundation (which i <3) I will have no foundation and this seems to be on everyone's wishlist or in makeup collections that I have seen on youtube. It had alot of good reviews so I must try this out!
I want to use more cream blushers so I eyed up the Revlon photoready cream blushers, I am still undecided as to which shade to buy because they are all gorgeous!
The next eyeliner I want to purchase is the Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner, I have used gel eyeliner before but not this one and the reviews on this seem good enough so I need to snap this one up!
Maybelline baby lips!!! which I am sure everyone has this on their wishlist... The U.S are lucky to have these first! we are still waiting for the day for these to come here in the UK :( I really want the pink punch shade <3
I go through concealers alot and I want something high end and these Nars ones look great! similar packaging to the Maybelline Fit me concealers, I really want to try more Nars products and not just the concealer... I mean it would rude not to :-p

What do you think of my wishlist? If you have tried anything from the above collage then please comment below and tell me how it was for you. I would love to know :)

L'Oreal Glam Shine Reflexion Lipgloss In Sheer Papaya* - Review

I have always loved L'Oreal lipglosses because of that scrummy scent and of course the quality of the gloss and the colour payoff.
This is the new range which is entitled glam shine reflexion and this is the product description.

'Non-sticky, moisturising gloss with reflective mirror shine. The patented heart shaped wand makes application precise and effortless. A luscious mirror shine for dazzling lips - let your glam shine through'

Personally I love this shade, it is a beautiful coral/orange shade and it delivers the right amount of tint to the lips without looking too overdone.
Though this is a glitzy gloss it does not feel gritty on the lips but the heart shape wand helps the application to be precise and once applied it gives an amazing shine to the lips and so the description fits the lipgloss well.
The scent is scrummy so you will not be disappointed there.
I love the name 'sheer papaya' as it really matches the shade. I do not own any orange/coral shade in lipglosses or lipsticks but this is a safer version so if anyone out there wants to wear this colour it can be worn without hesitation.
The wear lasts longer than a traditional lipgloss but you do need to reapply every now and then so keeping this in your bag would be ideal and since the size is small it can even fit in your clutch bag for nights out.

It is definitely a non sticky lipgloss which is great and it moisturises the lips well. I like the fact that it gives the illusion of fuller lips because it is that shiny it almost does look like a mirror shine.

I cannot see a fault in this product, I would recommend this for sure.
Check it out here - link

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Make Believe Enhance Shimmer Lipgloss* - Review

Make Believe is one of those brands that I have never come across but thanks to the Betrousse beauty box Everyone can discover new brands that they have not heard of before.
When I saw this my face literally lit up because it turned out to be my favourite shade in Lipglosses and in Lipsticks... all together now... Nude! I love Nude shades because it is a 'safe' colour and it can suit any skintone.

This is one sparkly and shimmery lipgloss! the pixelated image above help you see the colours better but the lipgloss contains rainbow glitters and once applied on the lips you can see a 'wet' look and this gives the illusion of fuller lips. WIN!

I love the scent of this, very fruity but hard to decide what it actually smells of. One time I thought Grapefruit the other time I thought of Fruit loops. Either way it smells delish!
This lipgloss is rather sticky so some may not enjoy the feel of it, I personally am ok with it because the stickiness fades with time and because it is tacky the lipgloss will last longer. I have found that with all long lasting lip products.

The slight issue is the price, for 15ml it is priced at £10 which for some may be pricey.
but at Boots it is sold at £6.13 which is even better!
Other then that I think this lipgloss is great. 
Tip: you can wear this over a matte lipstick (any shade) to give it dimension and a bit of a sparkle.

Check it out here - link
Website - link

Have you tried this lipgloss before? What are your thoughts on it? I would love to know :)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Black And Berry Bath Melt From Amelia's Bath Bombs - Review

Time for another review of a bath melt from Amelia's Bath Bombs, This time i wanted to try the Black and Berry Bath Melt.
This smells AMAZING! very summer berry punch like with a twist of added black pepper. Very scrummy indeed. 
Like the other products this is also handmade and this melt has been made with Blackberry and Black pepper essential oils.
Once dropped into the bath water this started to fizz but unlike the other bath product that i used this was very slow.
I decided to cut this one in half because it looked like alot of melt to use for a bath, once I cut the melt I noticed a hidden core inside and this must of been why it was slow perhaps.
After waiting for my bath water, the water was oily so my skin felt moisturised :) the bath water was turned into a lovely shade of pinky purple, just a tint.
The melt also dispersed bits of pink shavings, felt soapy to touch but took a while to melt in.
I found that the yummy scent did not linger on in the bath, it somehow disappeared :( it was there in the beginning and was quite potent but then it faded away.

I am half and half on this one but this is not expensive at all, cheap as chips and sold at the price of £1.59, maybe if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to a more expensive bath melt then go for this one :)

Check it out here - link

Monday, 17 June 2013

Pur Minerals: Sneak Peek Of An Upcoming Review

Here is a sneak peek of a Pur Minerals make up set entitled 'Beautiful Creatures' and this make up set is actually based on a film that is called Beautiful Creatures which I have never seen or heard of and that this is only available in the U.S and possibly online.
I have heard of this brand by seeing it on other blogs but I have never tried anything so this is a great way to sample the brand and see the quality of their products.

To my American followers, What do you think of this palette and do you own one too? 
Comment below ^^

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Kiko Long Lasting Lip Marker In The Shade 103* - Review

Kiko is a brand I have heard of but I have never used anything from it, so heres to a new review and a new brand to test out on!
Lip tints used to be the rage of the season, like two years ago but I personally like them. Still.
Lip tints are great because it ensures a much longer lasting lip colour or tint. 
These nifty lil pens are neat! The 'marker' style lip tint enables you to trace, fill and colour your lips without any effort.
This does not dry out the lips and it is extremely pigmented.
You could build up the intensity of the colour by carrying on colouring, but I prefer the light tint. It smells and tastes fruity which is a plus! since others may smell more of chemicals than a delicious fruity scent. 
Once applied to the lips you can see a matte finish and if you like you could top it off with a shimmery or a clear gloss. It also dries very fast even though the actual tint is of a liquidy form.
Lasts a long time without having to touch up though you can still touch up (if worn on a very long day)
Eating and drinking (alot) may cause the tint to fade but it is definitely not like other lipsticks or lipglosses that need constant touch up after every single meal or drink.
Last thing that I want to mention is that the tint will cling onto any dry patches you may have on your lips so it is best to use a lip scrub and/or lipbalm to achieve a smoother surface to work on.
It may also feel dry on the lips (possibly) so if you are out and about to be sure to carry both the tint pen and a lipbalm :)
It is a great product, I enjoyed using this and this delivers good results. A win by Kiko I think.

You can buy these Lip Markers here and they retail for £6.90 each. Have you tried anything from KIKO before? What do you think about these Lip Markers?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tropical Mango Candle From The Candle Store - Review

Candles are one of my most favourite things and I can tell you how excited I was to use this for the first time.
I had tooooooo many small candles to burn first and save this one till last.
I am so glad I did.
This is a Tropical candle I picked up at Matalan for only £3! It looks fab, The craftmenship looks great though the price was so less.
The glass jar makes the candle look expensive and for the price you get 40 hours burn time! Amaaaazing!
I used it the other day whilst blogging and it really did set the mood. After a while my room was filled with a beautiful mango scent and no lie this has a strong scent.
This was kind of a 50 50 chance because it would of either been a really lightly scented candle or it could of been the best.
I am so glad I picked it up and when this finishes I will be picking up another scent, perhaps something candy/cake/cookie scented since I have a big sweet tooth.
What I also love about these candles is that it is transparent so you can see how much wax is left and a lil decor tip here* You can buy loads, different sizes and colours and arrange it to make a colourful and a beautiful display. I would but I have limited space in my room (grr)

Have you tried these candles before? Comment Below :)

Efoxcity Multi-Coloured Triangle Round Necklace* Review

What a sight! I was attracted to this necklace like a Magpie being attracted to shiny things.
This is a necklace available to buy from Efoxcity, remember my previous post on the company that featured some images too. This was one of the chosen items that really stood out to me. If you want to read about Efoxcity then check out the post here - link

Though my accessories are mostly monochrome I do like the occasional POP of colour, since this can really brighten up your outfit.
This necklace is adjustable. You can wear it as a longer necklace or as a choker. I personally prefer the choker look.

This necklace has fine detailing with aztec print engravings with gold studs and enamel, gosh I love enamel on jewellery. The green and pink work together harmoniously and it reminds me of a tropical island since these colours are very appropriate for summer.

The necklace is not heavy but it fits perfectly and sits well. I love this and I definitely see myself wearing this throughout the summer :)

What do you think of this necklace? Will you be checking out Efoxcity?
Comment Below :)
Check out the necklace here - link

Monday, 10 June 2013

FrontCover Mono Eyeshadow In The Shade Caramel* - Review

Welcome to the last in the Front Cover series, These eyeshadows are my personal favourite.
I already own a mono eyeshadow from Front Cover brand in the shade Twinkling Gold and if you want to check out the review, it is available here - link
I love this shade, it is the ultimate bronzey caramel I have ever seen.
What I love about these eyeshadows is the baked texture, when you run your fingers through the eyeshadow it is very smooth yet dry at the same time.
This lil dome of eyeshadow delivers a great amount of pigmentation, in the swatch above it is without a primer! :O But I would reccomend using a primer so you can achieve more depth in the colour.
This is a shimmery shade unlike the gold eyeshadow this does not have any fall out, which is great. The eyeshadow just sticks to the brush and when applied to the lids I did not see any powder mishap.
This shade would look great with black for a smokey eye with a twist. It's great to experiment with such shades because it is so much more wearable then say a turquoise blue shade.
For the day time it can sweeped across the eye lid and for the night time it can be used as part of a smokey.
A winner! Definitely worth the price :) A little goes a long way with this lil gem.
Check it out here - link
Have you used Front Cover eyeshadows before? and what are your views on it?
Comment below! ^^