Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Efoxcity Multi-Coloured Triangle Round Necklace* Review

What a sight! I was attracted to this necklace like a Magpie being attracted to shiny things.
This is a necklace available to buy from Efoxcity, remember my previous post on the company that featured some images too. This was one of the chosen items that really stood out to me. If you want to read about Efoxcity then check out the post here - link

Though my accessories are mostly monochrome I do like the occasional POP of colour, since this can really brighten up your outfit.
This necklace is adjustable. You can wear it as a longer necklace or as a choker. I personally prefer the choker look.

This necklace has fine detailing with aztec print engravings with gold studs and enamel, gosh I love enamel on jewellery. The green and pink work together harmoniously and it reminds me of a tropical island since these colours are very appropriate for summer.

The necklace is not heavy but it fits perfectly and sits well. I love this and I definitely see myself wearing this throughout the summer :)

What do you think of this necklace? Will you be checking out Efoxcity?
Comment Below :)
Check out the necklace here - link


  1. Just found your blog!!
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  2. @Christina thank you! aww how sweet! :) sure will :)


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