Sunday, 16 June 2013

Kiko Long Lasting Lip Marker In The Shade 103* - Review

Kiko is a brand I have heard of but I have never used anything from it, so heres to a new review and a new brand to test out on!
Lip tints used to be the rage of the season, like two years ago but I personally like them. Still.
Lip tints are great because it ensures a much longer lasting lip colour or tint. 
These nifty lil pens are neat! The 'marker' style lip tint enables you to trace, fill and colour your lips without any effort.
This does not dry out the lips and it is extremely pigmented.
You could build up the intensity of the colour by carrying on colouring, but I prefer the light tint. It smells and tastes fruity which is a plus! since others may smell more of chemicals than a delicious fruity scent. 
Once applied to the lips you can see a matte finish and if you like you could top it off with a shimmery or a clear gloss. It also dries very fast even though the actual tint is of a liquidy form.
Lasts a long time without having to touch up though you can still touch up (if worn on a very long day)
Eating and drinking (alot) may cause the tint to fade but it is definitely not like other lipsticks or lipglosses that need constant touch up after every single meal or drink.
Last thing that I want to mention is that the tint will cling onto any dry patches you may have on your lips so it is best to use a lip scrub and/or lipbalm to achieve a smoother surface to work on.
It may also feel dry on the lips (possibly) so if you are out and about to be sure to carry both the tint pen and a lipbalm :)
It is a great product, I enjoyed using this and this delivers good results. A win by Kiko I think.

You can buy these Lip Markers here and they retail for £6.90 each. Have you tried anything from KIKO before? What do you think about these Lip Markers?


  1. Oh i love KIKO, they have amazing products! I've never tried this lipmarker though! Wonderful post again <3

    Andrea xx

  2. Loving Lip Markers! They are my new fav! New follower from the Blog Hop! I would love if you would follow me also!
    Love Me, Dani Marie

  3. I've never tried this brand before! Might have to look out for it now :) xxx

  4. @Andrea Lang :) seems to be a good brand, aww thank you!

  5. @Dani :) i think lipmarkers are great to have in a collection ;) thanks! I'll check it out!

  6. @Nikki looks to be a promising brand because i have never used kiko before :)


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