Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tropical Mango Candle From The Candle Store - Review

Candles are one of my most favourite things and I can tell you how excited I was to use this for the first time.
I had tooooooo many small candles to burn first and save this one till last.
I am so glad I did.
This is a Tropical candle I picked up at Matalan for only £3! It looks fab, The craftmenship looks great though the price was so less.
The glass jar makes the candle look expensive and for the price you get 40 hours burn time! Amaaaazing!
I used it the other day whilst blogging and it really did set the mood. After a while my room was filled with a beautiful mango scent and no lie this has a strong scent.
This was kind of a 50 50 chance because it would of either been a really lightly scented candle or it could of been the best.
I am so glad I picked it up and when this finishes I will be picking up another scent, perhaps something candy/cake/cookie scented since I have a big sweet tooth.
What I also love about these candles is that it is transparent so you can see how much wax is left and a lil decor tip here* You can buy loads, different sizes and colours and arrange it to make a colourful and a beautiful display. I would but I have limited space in my room (grr)

Have you tried these candles before? Comment Below :)


  1. I love mango smell and eating them
    of course :P what a nice deal for
    this scent candle! Xx

  2. @icepandora I know! it is a great deal!


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