Monday, 29 July 2013

Post Preview: Vitage Colour Minerals Cosmetics

What I love about blogging is that I get opportunities to try new brands that I have never heard of, Thankful that I am I was lucky enough to receive some goodies from Vitage.
I was sent two loose shimmer eyeshadows and a lipgloss.
I look forward to sharing the details on this brand as well as the reviews :)

Have you heard of Vitage before?

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Back To School Edit Featuring Letts Noteletts* - Review

Time to switch things up, Time for another lifey post! I was sent these pretty notebooks courtesy of Letts and I decided to include these in a back to school edit for all my hardworking followers.
The two notebooks or noteletts are actually mid year diaries that contains everything so that you are fully organised.
What I like about these noteletts is that there are a variety of designs so there is something for everyone, I happened to favour the girly graphic prints.
Inside you can find pages to fill in your details as well as important information such as international holiday dates and a calender so that you can plan ahead. Letts have even included a timetable so that you can write down your lessons and timings!
At the back of the book there is lined paper and grid paper so that you can add notes, important information or anything else.
The last couple of pages are the contact pages so you can add in those important numbers.
These noteletts definitely will make your educational life easy because this planner makes it so simple to organise your deadlines and notes in one pretty book.
I wish I had this when I was doing my GCSES! 
I thought that I should also add in some revision tips and state what I used to carry around in my pencil case.
When it came to revising I used to pick up tips from everyone and I used to use the techniques that helped me. I loved to highlight and bullet point and I tried to make my notes look alive! by adding colour. There's no point in reading a boring summarised paragraph because it is likely that you are not going to soak it in, using colours can really help you remember key words plus it makes it a prettier thing to look at too. I'll be honest I never felt like picking up revision notes unless it had colour.
What you carry in your pencil case is also important, I used to keep endless supplies of pencils, pens (both biro and gel) and not to forget highlighters! and colouring pencils :) 
 I did also carry paperclips and post its. You never know when you might need those too!

Hope you liked this post, comment below if you liked this and if you liked the noteletts :)

Check it all out here >> Link to the Letts website

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Silver Cat Ring From Online Rings* - Review

The one type of jewellery that I am loving at the moment would have to be rings!
I am forever finding unique pieces as well as simple dainty ones too :)
I was recently sent a ring from Online Rings and when I saw the silver cat ring I thought that this is the perfect one for me since I love cats and the fact that this looks so unique too! 
Online rings sells an array of affordable and fashionable rings, am sure there is one for everyone.
This particular ring is made with Sterling silver and it is adjustable too! so it can fit anyone :)
The actual silver looks and feels of high quality because of the weight and the craftsmanship.
I just love the intricate detailing of this ring, from the two black gems that it used as eyes to the way the tail is used as a wrap to fit the finger perfectly.

I have definitely started wearing this more and more, Love this!
Check the website out here! - Online Rings

What do you think of this ring? =^^=

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

First Look At Primark's A/W 2013 Collection & My Top 6 Picks

Who's excited to see a lil sneak peek of what to expect at Primark this coming Autumn/Winter? well I picked out my top 6 items that I am loving and I thought that I should share this and you could comment below to tell me what you think :)
(Images courtesy of Look)

In the coming season, I saw alot of trends in Primark which I quite liked, there was paneling and colour blocking which I think is quite trendy, Prints were there too! such as tartan which I haven't seen in a while, Accessories have gone big this year with big statement pieces, the more jewels the better! ^^

So here are my top 6 Picks...

First up I saw these earrings and i thought WOW! I love the combination of diamonds and blue and this looks so vintagey and high end that no one would be able to guess that you actually got this from Primark.

I then also saw this necklace and thought it looked quite unique and it would definitely brighten up any outfit.

I love this salmon pink jumper! It just looks so cosy for those chilly nights in with the optional cup of hot chocolate :) This can be paired up with black skinnies and Uggs for the ultimate casual yet effortless look.

These shoes are so Zara-esque and everyone has been loving the primark ones, these ones are fab too! I just love the combination of black and white! Don't you?

I absolutely love this colour block and paneled tee! so unique and this can be worn for both day and night. Love this!

Lastly I love collared tees and this is a simple tee but it looks so clean and crisp :) again the black and white works together so well :)

What do you think of my top picks? See anything you would like to buy? Comment below! I would love to know <3

Monday, 22 July 2013

Fair Naturally Mango & Safflower Body Moisturiser* - Review

I am still currently going through so many products that came in beauty boxes and I swear it never ends! I just keep discovering more and more to review, Who else agrees on that?!
Right so I have here the Fair Naturally Mango and Safflower body moisturiser and this is definitely ideal for the current weather we are in (especially the UK)
I actually received this in a Betrousse box and I wanted to share my thoughts on this.
I have seen the Fair Naturally brand before but I have never used anything from it so this is a first.
Firstly I need to state that once you open this you have to be VERY careful because the lotion is so runny! and it may cause a few (or many) accidents so steer clear of applying alot.

Here is what it says on the website about this lotion...

Deeply nourish and moisturise your skin with our luxurious Mango & Safflower Body Moisturiser, made with Fairtrade Mango Extract & Cane Sugar, which are known for their conditioning and moisturising properties. This subtle body moisturiser leaves your skin feeling irresistibly soft, smooth and nourished.

I agree it did infact leave my skin feeling soft and moisturised and this did not feel sticky and I didn't have to wait around for it to be fully absorbed, it was quick and very light to use.
The scent is amazing, it does smell natural and not artificial at all :) Who doesn't love the smell of ripe mangoes... and then my mind started to drift away in thought... palm trees, sandy beaches, coconut water at hand, dancing sea blue waves but then reality kicks in and you realise that you are writing a product review (sorry guys! hehe)
The smell lingered on and considering the price, it is really worth it!
Another plus about this product and this brand is that it is Organic, fair trade and made in the UK too!

You get quite alot of lotion for the price, it only costs a mere £3.99 for a 200ml, I quite liked this and I would love to try more scents in this brand!
Check it out here - link  and it is available to buy here - link

Have you tried this before? Comment your thoughts below ^^

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Post Preview - Cute Cat Ring

If you like the look of this then you will be excited to read my review on this cute yet unique cat ring.
So stay tuned! Review will be up very soon =^^=

Pur Minerals 'Beautiful Creatures' Part 2 - Eyeliner in Black Magic & Lipgloss in Lust* - Review and Swatches

So earlier I posted a review on the Pur Minerals 'Beautiful Creatures' eyeshadow palette and these were the two products that were also included in the kit but I chose to review it separately because I wasn't too pleased with this duo.
The eyeliner comes off quite pigmented but it smudges so much so to me this is pretty use less, I might find a use for it but am not sure as of yet.
The lipgloss is actually a pretty colour but it turned out to be so sheer that it actually looks like a clear gloss rather than the lovely light pink that it is supposed to be. The wear time is good on this one though and lasts long due to it's sticky like texture, What I did not like the most was the smell and it smelt of pure plastic. YIKES! 
Such a shame to add these with the eyeshadows which were of decent quality.
Maybe it is not a good idea to buy make up in a kit form because the products included may be flawed and will probably be binned.

Quite a shocking review don't ya think?!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Susan Posnick Color Essential Lipstick In Santa Fe* - Review & Swatches

I have been seeing the brand 'Susan Posnick' appear on so many blogs and it was the lipsticks that intrigued me the most. I could not wait to review this lil gem and see what the fuss was actually about.

What it states on the website: 
The Evolution of Lip Color
Coloressential® - a collection of five universally flattering shades of berry, pink, red, nude and coral.
With Coloressential®, Susan Posnick perfectly combines the finest natural ingredients with cutting edge technology for luxuriously moisturizing lipcolor.
All five shades complement every skin tone
Travel-ready in a compact container with a unique magnetic closure that keeps the cap secure
Formulated with minerals and Vitamins A and E
Enriched with Paracress - a sustainable South African plant with antioxidant properties that continually rehydrates the lips and reduces the appearance of fine lines
Contains Pomegranate, an antioxidant that protects the lips from free radicals.
Enhanced with Olive Oil.

I would like to point out that this lipstick really is the creme de la creme, It has a high end look to it and not to mention the nifty magnetic lid that clicks on with ease so that there won't be any lipstick lids floating around the bottom of your bottomless handbag (don't we all own one... or many)
The formula is rich and creamy and it gives a glossy finish. This lipstick does not actually feel like a lipstick but more so like a lipbalm. It is that feather light! Also due to the fact that this contains olive oil, antioxidants and vitamins so it does not seem to surprise me that it would feel like this.
Though some higher end lipsticks have some sort of a embedded design on the actual product itself, this is just a plain lipstick but the packaging makes up for it, The hidden magnet in the lid is a cool feature and I do like the metallic packaging, Makes it look sleek and professional too.
The wear time for this varies but does last longer than the 'regular' lipsticks.Once you eat or drink something then the colour fades and then eventually disappears but isn't that the case with all lip products?
I do like how this does not feather or 'bleed' so you do not need a lipliner to keep this in place for that reason anyway but you may wish to use one to tidy up the lip area.
I love the fact that this collection (Color Essential) has names for all of the shades and that it has a meaning behind each name. The one that I have is called Santa Fe and it states on the website that it is - Rich and coppery with golden undertones, like the sun kissing the rocks at day's end. I don't think I could of described it better than that!
This collection also claims to 'suit every skin tone' and even 'adapt to your lip colour making it a personal shade' I think that to an extent the colour seemed personal to me because not everyone has the same lip colour. The colours in the collection seem to be well thought of so it looks as if the shades would suit each skin tone. 
One last thing I need to mention is that this was REALLY hydrating, you could have the driest of lips and still this would still give you that moisture boost.

The RRP is £18, these are quite pricey but this brand is considered high end,
Well, that I think that this clearly sums up on what I thought about it and yes it definitely is worth the hype and you definitely need to check these out! ^^

Available to buy (UK only) - here  and the official Susan Posnick website (USA) - here

Have you tried any of the lipsticks from this collection before? are you thinking of purchasing one? Comment below! <3 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Pur Minerals 'Beautiful Creatures' Eyeshadow Palette* - Review

My cat happened to sit right next to me while the pics were being taken LOL

I am quite familiar with Pur Minerals cosmetics now and I seem to like certain products from the brand. I received this as a press gift and this is actually based on the 'Beautiful Creatures' book and film so Pur minerals teamed up with Warner Bros to release this exclusive set that is inspired by the film.There is also an eyeliner and a lipgloss but I decided to review that separately because I think that the eyeshadow palette deserves it's own credit.
But before I get into the review I need to say that this is sadly NOT available in the UK, I will add links at the end of the review so that if you are from the U.S you can easily find it (lucky you!)
The eyehadow palette has an array of colours to choose from, subtle looks can be created for the day and the darker shades can be used to intensify smoky eyes :)
What I found with these colours is that once swatched it looked different compared to how it looks on the pan, I guess it shows up slightly warmer in tone.
I love the variety of shades that are available on the palette, from the muted taupes to the rich plums. There is a colour to suit everyone's taste.
What I found with these shadows is that you can pair them and once blended together it creates a natural transition.
The eyeshadows are fairly pigmented and the swatches that you can see above is without a primer so imagine the colour pay off if used with a primer.
I also like the texture too, not to chalky or crumbly but really soft and blends like a dream.
Sometimes I find that when brands produce palettes of eyeshadows or lip colours, they aren't quite up to the standard of their regular products. However I wouldn't call this palette inferior by any means.

I like this, ALOT and this does contain unique shades that I do not own already so this is great to add to my collection :)

I couldn't seem to find the palette at Ulta but it is available at Pur minerals and it is retailing for $29 - link
If you do know any other places that stock this then do let me me know in the comment section so that i can link it up for everyone :)

Have you tried this palette before?