Tuesday, 23 July 2013

First Look At Primark's A/W 2013 Collection & My Top 6 Picks

Who's excited to see a lil sneak peek of what to expect at Primark this coming Autumn/Winter? well I picked out my top 6 items that I am loving and I thought that I should share this and you could comment below to tell me what you think :)
(Images courtesy of Look)

In the coming season, I saw alot of trends in Primark which I quite liked, there was paneling and colour blocking which I think is quite trendy, Prints were there too! such as tartan which I haven't seen in a while, Accessories have gone big this year with big statement pieces, the more jewels the better! ^^

So here are my top 6 Picks...

First up I saw these earrings and i thought WOW! I love the combination of diamonds and blue and this looks so vintagey and high end that no one would be able to guess that you actually got this from Primark.

I then also saw this necklace and thought it looked quite unique and it would definitely brighten up any outfit.

I love this salmon pink jumper! It just looks so cosy for those chilly nights in with the optional cup of hot chocolate :) This can be paired up with black skinnies and Uggs for the ultimate casual yet effortless look.

These shoes are so Zara-esque and everyone has been loving the primark ones, these ones are fab too! I just love the combination of black and white! Don't you?

I absolutely love this colour block and paneled tee! so unique and this can be worn for both day and night. Love this!

Lastly I love collared tees and this is a simple tee but it looks so clean and crisp :) again the black and white works together so well :)

What do you think of my top picks? See anything you would like to buy? Comment below! I would love to know <3


  1. Great picks! I think I'd wear everything here - exciting :D

  2. I really love the necklace!! Looks so expensive!

    Jodie Marie | à la Jode

  3. @Maeve haha! aww glad you liked the top 6 picks :)

  4. @Selina :) i know right! looks so high end too!

  5. @Jodie I agree! :) Primark have really upped their game!

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