Thursday, 4 July 2013

Ilcentimetro Bracelet in Classic Yellow* ♥ - Review

Recently I was sent this rather unique and unusual bracelet courtesy of Ilcentimetro and what attracted me to it the most was the 'quirkiness' of this piece.
This would be the perfect gift for someone who is into maybe DIY or for someone who is into the whole haberdashery scene... I guess you could call it that :)
This is from an Italian brand called Ilcentimetro and all of the bracelets that are made are based on the tailor's measure tape. All of the bracelets are handmade and are finished to the highest of standards by using the highest quality leather. There are two sizes available one for the girls and one for the boys :) and it also comes in a array of colours which is fabulous! if you stacked a couple up it would look ever so pretty!
I was sent the 'classic yellow' piece and it definitely brightens up any outfit! I also would like to add that you know the quality of leather is great when you get that smell that comes with it and once I opened this trust me! the smell was there! No lies here, it definitely feels and looks like the best leather was used.
Wearing this bracelet is easy because it has a magnetic clasp that grips the bracelet perfectly.
I have been loving the other colours that are available such as the 'Argentina sky' which is a pretty pastel blue and the 'Mexico sugar' which is a pretty light pink.
I cannot seem to find a fault in this! Quirky, unique, can be a cool gift idea and it is available in so many colours.

You can purchase an Ilcentimetro bracelet from their website here where the prices start from £28 - link 
If you want to check out more about this bracelet then head on over to their Facebook page and give them a like for their awesomeness - link

Do you own an Ilcentimetro Bracelet? ^^


  1. Ooh I do like that. Yes its definatly quirky, but i like it! Love the blog too. Xx

  2. Interesting. Who woulda thought to do that? Following on Bloglovin'. Found you via the First Friday Hop.

    Barbara @

  3. @Laura :) do check out the website too! thank you soo much! <3

  4. @Barbara I know right! so unique :) that is what makes it so eyecatching :)


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