Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Making Brownies And A Review Of The Colour Works Cookie Cutters*

I absolutely LOVE baking so when I was offered the chance to review a set of cookie cutters from the company Cargo, I simply could not refuse.
The cookie cutters are actually made by a brand called Colorworks and you can choose your kitchen utencils from selection of colours so that you can coordinate it to match your kitchen.
I decided to use the cutters for the brownies that I decided to bake (at like 11pm... as you do)
I know that these aren't exactly used for brownies but I did want to give it a shot, I was able to make squares but the lines aren't as precise as they should be, I blame the brownies texture for this because it is so delicate and flaky I was unable to see a sharp cut, but like I said am sure these cookie cutters are only used for biscuits.
These cutters are very sturdy and safe for kids too (no nasty sharp bits) :)
Maybe I will re review these cutters for when I do bake cookies so that you can see how effectively it does work.
I do like how the cutters are nested inside each other which makes it easy for storing away when it is not in use.

I also hope you like the images! I am forever finding new ways to edit my images and I quite like how these came out ^^
A snip at £4! Check it out here - link


  1. These look DELICIOUS xx

  2. Looks so tasty! :) Wish I could bake x

  3. @Poptartsandsex ^^ thank you! sure was fun to eat... hehehe

  4. @natalia aww thank you! brownies are very easy, check out the recipes and try it out :)


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