Saturday, 20 July 2013

Susan Posnick Color Essential Lipstick In Santa Fe* - Review & Swatches

I have been seeing the brand 'Susan Posnick' appear on so many blogs and it was the lipsticks that intrigued me the most. I could not wait to review this lil gem and see what the fuss was actually about.

What it states on the website: 
The Evolution of Lip Color
Coloressential® - a collection of five universally flattering shades of berry, pink, red, nude and coral.
With Coloressential®, Susan Posnick perfectly combines the finest natural ingredients with cutting edge technology for luxuriously moisturizing lipcolor.
All five shades complement every skin tone
Travel-ready in a compact container with a unique magnetic closure that keeps the cap secure
Formulated with minerals and Vitamins A and E
Enriched with Paracress - a sustainable South African plant with antioxidant properties that continually rehydrates the lips and reduces the appearance of fine lines
Contains Pomegranate, an antioxidant that protects the lips from free radicals.
Enhanced with Olive Oil.

I would like to point out that this lipstick really is the creme de la creme, It has a high end look to it and not to mention the nifty magnetic lid that clicks on with ease so that there won't be any lipstick lids floating around the bottom of your bottomless handbag (don't we all own one... or many)
The formula is rich and creamy and it gives a glossy finish. This lipstick does not actually feel like a lipstick but more so like a lipbalm. It is that feather light! Also due to the fact that this contains olive oil, antioxidants and vitamins so it does not seem to surprise me that it would feel like this.
Though some higher end lipsticks have some sort of a embedded design on the actual product itself, this is just a plain lipstick but the packaging makes up for it, The hidden magnet in the lid is a cool feature and I do like the metallic packaging, Makes it look sleek and professional too.
The wear time for this varies but does last longer than the 'regular' lipsticks.Once you eat or drink something then the colour fades and then eventually disappears but isn't that the case with all lip products?
I do like how this does not feather or 'bleed' so you do not need a lipliner to keep this in place for that reason anyway but you may wish to use one to tidy up the lip area.
I love the fact that this collection (Color Essential) has names for all of the shades and that it has a meaning behind each name. The one that I have is called Santa Fe and it states on the website that it is - Rich and coppery with golden undertones, like the sun kissing the rocks at day's end. I don't think I could of described it better than that!
This collection also claims to 'suit every skin tone' and even 'adapt to your lip colour making it a personal shade' I think that to an extent the colour seemed personal to me because not everyone has the same lip colour. The colours in the collection seem to be well thought of so it looks as if the shades would suit each skin tone. 
One last thing I need to mention is that this was REALLY hydrating, you could have the driest of lips and still this would still give you that moisture boost.

The RRP is £18, these are quite pricey but this brand is considered high end,
Well, that I think that this clearly sums up on what I thought about it and yes it definitely is worth the hype and you definitely need to check these out! ^^

Available to buy (UK only) - here  and the official Susan Posnick website (USA) - here

Have you tried any of the lipsticks from this collection before? are you thinking of purchasing one? Comment below! <3 

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