Saturday, 31 August 2013

Barry M Nail Art Pen In Pink* - Review

Barry M Nail Art Pen // £4.99*
I remember using nail art pens ageeees ago but what put me off was the uneven application and the fact that you had to squeeze the pen everytime which can be quite tiring.
Barry M have released 4 nail art pens (pink,white,black & silver) and I was curious as to how these work so I was sent one to play around with and of course to review it for all you lovely folks out there! <3

The actual nib is made of hard plastic and when using the pen for the first time you need to pump it a few times until you can start to see the colour flow down. Rest assured the formulation of the polish is thin so there is less mess and you do not need to squeeze the pen! Yay!

This pen has an easy grip so that you can easily achieve steady handed designs. This colour was a bit on the lighter side but reapplying it the second time sure fixed that issue!

This dries quick and there are no bumps in the application.
I tried attempting a aztec print on a nail and I think that these are perfect for the mini artist in you! Perfect for creating lines, shapes or anything detailed. This can also be popped into a handbag or a travel case for on the go touch ups :)

I hope Barry M release more colours because this was a successful product for me :)

Check it out here
Available to buy at Superdrug and Boots

Have you tried the Barry M Nail Art Pens before? Comment below <3 

Friday, 30 August 2013

NOTD - Barry M Gelly Nail Paint In Lychee

Nothing Like a classic nude nail polish, The Barry M gelly range is a favourite amongst bloggers and I just had to see what the fuss was about.
These polishes are different than the regular ones because this is more thicker in consistency and it gives the illusion of a gel manicure and this is super shiny so no need for a topcoat!
I love that this does not streak because pastel/lighter shades takes a while to reach it's full opacity but one good coat is all you need!
In terms of chipping, I had my first like after 4-5 days which is amazing and the fact that the shininess didn't dull down made me realise that this may be the best highstreet polish ever!!! 
The drying time is slighty longer but that is because of the formulation. I would rather wait for my nails to dry properly because in the end you will get nails that won't chip for like 4-5 days and that is amazing.

There are so many colours in this range that includes fire engine reds to vivid blues :)
I love this range and for £3.99 how can you go wrong?!

Check it out here and here

What is your favourite gelly polish? Comment below! <3

Nail Art Stickers From Nailtopia* - Review

Nail art sure is fun but if you feel that you are a novice and have no idea what to do or where to start from then look no further because I have the solution.
Nail art stickers!
Such an effortless way to decorate you nails without the fussy nail art tools, the only hard part is deciding the actual base coat colour!
I was sent three random designs to play around with and I was happy to see a variety so that you can achieve alot of looks with these.
These stickers are great, they stick well onto the nail and removing them from the clear film is easy, all you need is a pair of tweezers to carefully remove and place onto the nail!
Read on to see the three looks I created on the nail wheel <3

So the first look that I decided to go for was the African summer themed nail, hot pinks, oranges or even an ombred sunset would look good paired with these stickers. Almost reminds me of Lion king and the animals walking in the dusk. The black really stands out against this colour. You don't even have to add many onto one nail you can use one sticker on each nail. It's really upto you on how you want to play around with the designs.

This one is my personal favourite, why stick to solid coloured bases when you can use chunky glitter polishes to highlight the theme. This really matches with the stickers and again you do not need to use alot of the stickers but if you do happen to have longer nails then you can :) The glitter almost looks like bubbles and a scene out of My Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo.

The nautical theme is great too! I paired these stickers with a chic navy blue polish and the white in the designs really stand out so it would make it eyecatching. 
What is fun about these is that you can let your creativity run free and it's easy to remove too! just use your nail polish remover and it will come right off :)

Each design pack is worth £2.99 and these are from the new August 2013 range. There are soooo many to choose from so there is something for everybody.

Check it out here 

Have you tried nail art stickers before? If so send me a link of your blogpost so that I can have a little nosey :)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Monthly Favourites - August 2013 ❦

Prestat Chocolate*// Rimmel Scandeleyes Eyeliner in Nude// Rimmel Glameyes Professional Liquid Liner// L'Oreal Eyeshadow quad in Nude Lingerie// my cat - Shonu <3

Welcome to another installment of monthly favourites! Here's what I have been enjoying throughout the month of August.
Notice here that there are two non beauty related favourites and I think that from now on I will be adding in other items because I may not be wearing as much make up or there might be something that I have enjoyed eating/watching/playing  ^^ I think it's better that way.

First up I have the Prestat chocolate which I was sent for reviewing purposes, I honestly don't know why I didn't try this before?! All you chocolate lovers out there will really like these cool retro art deco bars :) these bars make a perfect after dinner treat or perfect whilst blogging... this post... right now. I reviewed it here if you fancy a read or to just drool at the pictures :D

I have been loving Rimmel make up lately and the one thing I make sure I use is the Scandeleyes eyeliner in Nude, this really cancels out the redness from my tired eyes and makes you look awake. Glides on well and does not tug your waterline. This shade is way better than white because that can seem harsh.

Rimmel Glameyes Professional Liquid Liner is the ultimate liner for thin,defined cat eyes. Easy to hold and control to create the ultimate flick. I am loving the liner trend again and I had stopped it for a while but now I am back to try and experiment other ways to line and colour up my eyes.

This one's a shocker because I never wear eyeshadow, recently I had alot of events to attend to and that is the only time I wear eyeshadow because I think that it takes way too long to apply but I think i will also be adding this to my daily make up routine, a wash of colour with a defined crease sounds good! 

Last but not the least... my cat! Shonu :) everytime I take pictures for my blog my cat just comes out of nowhere to see what I am doing, she likes playing with my pencils and you can see that she is trying to play with my nude eyeliner! and the fact that she tries to photo bomb my images I thought that I should give her a little spotlight because she is the best cat ever!!! I have had her for a year now and everyday is a little adventure with this one!

what have you been enjoying this month? Let me know in the comments below ^^

Exciting Offer From Pur Minerals ♥

What an exciting offer! Pur Minerals are going to have this amazing offer which is if 
you buy two of their products (other than the eyeshadow) you get an eyeshadow of your choice for free!!! and one eyeshadow is worth £20! definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a decent brand or if you are in need of some new make up.
I have reviewed this brand before and I did find the eyeshadows from the beautiful creatures palette to be good enough.

So go check out your nearest M&S :) I will be reviewing two of these trios so that you get a better look at it and see the swatches too! :)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Jewellery From The Balagan Group* - Review

The Balagan Group is a silver jewellery design and a wholesale company in the UK, Each Collection is made to the highest of standards and there is something for everyone. There are currently 10 collections that can be found in their portfolio. 

This is what they state about all of the collections:
We believe in our collections, the personality central to each one, the colours, the styles and the overall message. Each of our collections is designed around a central message or mood. We always start with the end wearer in mind and design for that person.

I was sent three pieces from Any Which Way, Vintage and Rocks ^^
All of the jewellery comes with a gift box and this makes receiving jewellery much more special.
The pieces come in a colour co-ordinated gift box with the name of the collection on top of the box.

So the first piece I chose was this bow necklace from Any Which Way, This collection is based on acrylic design and how each shape is feminized with certain colours.such as a lipstick red. Firstly I love bows and I just think that this is a cute piece that doesn't look too childish but can be worn with anything. You can also choose the colour of the leather/silk cord for the actual pendant. I chose baby pink because black and pink make a good combo :) A playful piece that can transform any dull outfit. 

The second piece that I chose was the turquoise beaded bracelet from the collection Rocks, this collection is about semi precious stones and I could not stay away from this beautiful blue dainty piece.
Looks great on it's own or you can pile it up with your favourite bracelets.
Loving minimalism at the moment and this is so light and perfect for everyday wear :)

 and lastly this lovely simple floral pendant from the vintage collection, this collection has vintage designs but it has a more contemporary feel to it.
This sits comfortably around the neck and again this dainty piece is perfect for everyday wear. It actually looks more expensive than it already is. It sparkles beautifully and you can see alot of work has gone into making this piece.

I am happy with my chosen pieces and I feel that I will get alot of wear out of it :)

To find out more about the collections click here or to buy some of the pieces click here :)

Have you bought anything from the Balagan group? Comment below ^^

Monday, 26 August 2013

Prestat Chocolate* Review - Pecan & Maple Dream And Tea Time Frolics ☺

Move aside Cadbury I think I may have found a new best friend.
Chocolate is enjoyed by nearly everyone and I was sent two of the new bars from Prestat.
This is the first time that I have tried Prestat and the first time that I am reviewing this on my blog.
I know my blog is not a food blog but I felt like switching things up a bit, if you enjoyed reading this food review then let me know in the comments below because there's nothing more fun then trying out food and jotting down your opinions for others to read :)
Prestat actually started in 1902 (woah) in a small shop in London but now they are known for being the best choice amongst stars, presidents and even maharajas!!!
These two bars are from the new art deco range which features 5 bars of different flavours and I had no idea which one was going to be sent to me.
The first flavour which sounded great was the Pecan & Maple Dream and the other flavour that I was sent that I wasn't too keen on was the Tea Time Frolics - Earl grey tea & lemon.

So I dived straight in (wish I could... in chocolate) I first attacked the Pecan and Maple dream and this one had a very serine texture, the actual nuts are not crunchy but they add texture and taste to the already delicious tropical milk chocolate, I like that this is not too sweet so you can eat more than one piece (hehe). I get put off by chocolate sometimes because of the over sweetness but this has a little bitterness to give it that all round flavour. It definitely smells of maple syrup too <3

Tea Time Frolics which has a earl grey tea flavour with a twist of lemon, I was so hesitant to try this because I hate the taste of fruit mixed in with chocolate but I like the taste of tea so when I gave this a bite I was shocked to see that the lemon flavour wasn't too overpowering. When you taste this the lemon flavour comes first but before that becomes overpowering you can then detect the taste of the earl grey tea. When you open the packet the smell of lemons was very potent but in the chocolate the amount of lemon is perfect. Obviously if you do like fruits mixed in with chocolate then you will like it but if you are like me then do give it a try because you may actually like it.

The packaging is amazing, Definitely an eye catching design. The colours and shapes used do add to the tasting experience.
It does match the art deco theme and these bars will also make great gifts for chocolate lovers out there!

I enjoyed these thoroughly and not alot is left! 
It's only £3.50! 
Check it out here - The best chocolate ever!

Have you tried anything from Prestat before? I would love to know so comment below ^^

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mad About Dots And Spots - NOTD And Tutorial ❤

I have been enjoying alot of arty stuff lately and how could I leave out nail art! I found a really easy way to do nail art that literally takes a few minutes :)
So you will need a couple of different shades, it's up to you if you want darker shades or pastel shades.
I opted for the darker colours because my base colour was a pastel shade.

Using a cotton wool bud, I simply dipped it in the bottle and dabbed it on my nail to create dots, If you have a dotting tool then that's even better!

Simply alternate the colours and repeat until you can no longer see the base colour. I quite like this because it looks as if you have spent ages on this but in reality it only takes a few minutes :)
I also used a glitter topcoat to add a bit of sparkle.

Let me know if you try this out,  I would love to see your attempt on this :)

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Impulse & Models Own Beauty Challenge - Making My Design ☺

Here is the step by step design procedure for the beauty challenge! Hope you enjoy it! ^^ 

Materials at the ready!

I decided to do a candy theme and for the base colour I decided to do a pink background so using an old household sponge (which I cut into a small square) I then put red and white acrylic paint on the sponge to dab onto the Impulse spray can.

When the colours mixed together it created the perfect girly candy pink and I like how this textured sponge created an effect, it almost looks like candyfloss! <3

And now preparing and deciding what to stick on the bottle, I then Googled images of 'licorice allsorts' so that I could sketch and colour the designs to cut and stick on the bottle. I also used the stick on diamantes and the pearlised hearts that I was sent in the inspiration box.

Making sure it sticks well...

Starting to take shape now :) glued on all the paper licorice allsorts designs and glued on the gems.

How could I not add glitter?! I painted hearts with PVA glue and sprinkled on the glitter, have to admit this part was the most fun for me ^^

I made use of products that you can easily find in your home so I decided to use the paper streams that are found inside the party popper, this adds more colour to the design.

Stuck on more gems and tied a silver piece of lace and the paper streams around the bottle :)

and there you have it! my completed design! 
I am really happy with how this turned out, I am loving candy prints at the moment (hence the blog background) and this pretty much is for the inner girly girl that we all have.
From creating the 'candyfloss' base to tying the last paper stream, I extremely enjoyed taking part in this project so I would like to thank Hayley for giving me the chance to be a kid again.
Thank you to Impulse and Models Own for supplying the new products and to Hobbycraft for the crafty bits and bobs.
I would love to know what you think of my design so let me know in the comments below :)