Saturday, 31 August 2013

Barry M Nail Art Pen In Pink* - Review

Barry M Nail Art Pen // £4.99*
I remember using nail art pens ageeees ago but what put me off was the uneven application and the fact that you had to squeeze the pen everytime which can be quite tiring.
Barry M have released 4 nail art pens (pink,white,black & silver) and I was curious as to how these work so I was sent one to play around with and of course to review it for all you lovely folks out there! <3

The actual nib is made of hard plastic and when using the pen for the first time you need to pump it a few times until you can start to see the colour flow down. Rest assured the formulation of the polish is thin so there is less mess and you do not need to squeeze the pen! Yay!

This pen has an easy grip so that you can easily achieve steady handed designs. This colour was a bit on the lighter side but reapplying it the second time sure fixed that issue!

This dries quick and there are no bumps in the application.
I tried attempting a aztec print on a nail and I think that these are perfect for the mini artist in you! Perfect for creating lines, shapes or anything detailed. This can also be popped into a handbag or a travel case for on the go touch ups :)

I hope Barry M release more colours because this was a successful product for me :)

Check it out here
Available to buy at Superdrug and Boots

Have you tried the Barry M Nail Art Pens before? Comment below <3 


  1. This looks so much better than I thought it would xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  2. this looks great, love the colour of it X

  3. Nails look great!
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  4. @jsbeautyandstyleblog defo agree! :)

  5. @beautyqueenuk :) i agree and you don't know until you try it out

  6. @ell thank you! yeah the pink is perfect!

  7. Oooh I wanted to try this! It looks like it works really well x ♥

  8. @petitpromise trust me i want the other colours now lol, this works way better then the other pens you get

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  10. @kaitlin aww thank you!!! sure


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