Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Brighten Your Gadgets With Santoro's Scottie Dogs Collection* - Phone Sleeve Review ッ

Isn't this a cute sleeve! I am quite happy that I received this cute but trendy sleeve.
I love animals (mostly cats) but this case was definitely calling my name since I love prints and animals. Put together it is the ultimate collection featuring the westie print.
If you love dogs then this will definitely be for you!
Here is a bit of info about the company...
Santoro was founded in 1983 in a little studio tucked away off the iconic Carnaby Street in London and now they are a leading lifestyle brand which is available in more than 60 countries around the world.
The brand focus on quality and originality, they produce distinctive and captivating collections that epitomised their eclectic taste and flair for innovation. They also add in extra detailing to show the care and attention that is put into every single product.
Santoro sell everything from phone cases to notebooks.
I just love the print on this sleeve, on one side there is one westie with rainbow hearts and on the other side there are many smaller westies and each one has a different colourful print on it.
It has a purple interior and it is finished off with fine stitching and the company's label.
This fits my iphone perfectly and keeps my phone snug, I prefer these over hard cases since they can leave scratches if you put them on or take them off all the time or if they are stiff.

My phone has been wearing this sleeve ever since... now it's your turn (well, your phone's turn) :)
Check out the sleeve here - link

What do you think of this sleeve? 


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