Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Jewellery From The Balagan Group* - Review

The Balagan Group is a silver jewellery design and a wholesale company in the UK, Each Collection is made to the highest of standards and there is something for everyone. There are currently 10 collections that can be found in their portfolio. 

This is what they state about all of the collections:
We believe in our collections, the personality central to each one, the colours, the styles and the overall message. Each of our collections is designed around a central message or mood. We always start with the end wearer in mind and design for that person.

I was sent three pieces from Any Which Way, Vintage and Rocks ^^
All of the jewellery comes with a gift box and this makes receiving jewellery much more special.
The pieces come in a colour co-ordinated gift box with the name of the collection on top of the box.

So the first piece I chose was this bow necklace from Any Which Way, This collection is based on acrylic design and how each shape is feminized with certain colours.such as a lipstick red. Firstly I love bows and I just think that this is a cute piece that doesn't look too childish but can be worn with anything. You can also choose the colour of the leather/silk cord for the actual pendant. I chose baby pink because black and pink make a good combo :) A playful piece that can transform any dull outfit. 

The second piece that I chose was the turquoise beaded bracelet from the collection Rocks, this collection is about semi precious stones and I could not stay away from this beautiful blue dainty piece.
Looks great on it's own or you can pile it up with your favourite bracelets.
Loving minimalism at the moment and this is so light and perfect for everyday wear :)

 and lastly this lovely simple floral pendant from the vintage collection, this collection has vintage designs but it has a more contemporary feel to it.
This sits comfortably around the neck and again this dainty piece is perfect for everyday wear. It actually looks more expensive than it already is. It sparkles beautifully and you can see alot of work has gone into making this piece.

I am happy with my chosen pieces and I feel that I will get alot of wear out of it :)

To find out more about the collections click here or to buy some of the pieces click here :)

Have you bought anything from the Balagan group? Comment below ^^


  1. I'd never heard of this company before but I'm so impressed with this jewellery so I'll definitely check them out :) I love the bow necklace!!
    Keep in touch :)
    www.lanouvellenoire.com xxx

  2. Some lovely pieces of jewelry!!

    Thank-you for visiting my blog!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  3. Love your jewellery, the bow necklace is so cute! X

  4. @andrea :)am glad that you liked it! do check out the links :)

  5. @retrostreetstation :) i agree, they are cute pieces

  6. @brittany :) aww no problem!

  7. @heidi thank you! it sure is a cute piece :)

  8. @madalenaa aw :) check out the links if you are interested :)


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