Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mad About Dots And Spots - NOTD And Tutorial ❤

I have been enjoying alot of arty stuff lately and how could I leave out nail art! I found a really easy way to do nail art that literally takes a few minutes :)
So you will need a couple of different shades, it's up to you if you want darker shades or pastel shades.
I opted for the darker colours because my base colour was a pastel shade.

Using a cotton wool bud, I simply dipped it in the bottle and dabbed it on my nail to create dots, If you have a dotting tool then that's even better!

Simply alternate the colours and repeat until you can no longer see the base colour. I quite like this because it looks as if you have spent ages on this but in reality it only takes a few minutes :)
I also used a glitter topcoat to add a bit of sparkle.

Let me know if you try this out,  I would love to see your attempt on this :)


  1. GREAT!!! So nice!!!


  2. @jeannette aw thanks, i will check it out:)

  3. lovely blog,followed xo


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