Friday, 30 August 2013

Nail Art Stickers From Nailtopia* - Review

Nail art sure is fun but if you feel that you are a novice and have no idea what to do or where to start from then look no further because I have the solution.
Nail art stickers!
Such an effortless way to decorate you nails without the fussy nail art tools, the only hard part is deciding the actual base coat colour!
I was sent three random designs to play around with and I was happy to see a variety so that you can achieve alot of looks with these.
These stickers are great, they stick well onto the nail and removing them from the clear film is easy, all you need is a pair of tweezers to carefully remove and place onto the nail!
Read on to see the three looks I created on the nail wheel <3

So the first look that I decided to go for was the African summer themed nail, hot pinks, oranges or even an ombred sunset would look good paired with these stickers. Almost reminds me of Lion king and the animals walking in the dusk. The black really stands out against this colour. You don't even have to add many onto one nail you can use one sticker on each nail. It's really upto you on how you want to play around with the designs.

This one is my personal favourite, why stick to solid coloured bases when you can use chunky glitter polishes to highlight the theme. This really matches with the stickers and again you do not need to use alot of the stickers but if you do happen to have longer nails then you can :) The glitter almost looks like bubbles and a scene out of My Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo.

The nautical theme is great too! I paired these stickers with a chic navy blue polish and the white in the designs really stand out so it would make it eyecatching. 
What is fun about these is that you can let your creativity run free and it's easy to remove too! just use your nail polish remover and it will come right off :)

Each design pack is worth £2.99 and these are from the new August 2013 range. There are soooo many to choose from so there is something for everybody.

Check it out here 

Have you tried nail art stickers before? If so send me a link of your blogpost so that I can have a little nosey :)


  1. @cherry :) there is something for everyone so you won't be disappointed

  2. @jaynieshannon :) aww thank you! if you ever try it out then do send a link over :)


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