Saturday, 3 August 2013

Vitage Colour Minerals Natural Lip Lustre In The Shade Hint Of Pink* - Review

Vitage is a British brand and they are known for their premium skincare which has scientifically proven ingredients and vitamins that is suitable for the wider spectrum in skin concerns and they have branched out onto the make up side of things.
It is interesting to see their take on things, in terms of make up and what is included in the ingredients.
Vitage introduces the new natural lip lustre (£14) and it states that this simultaneously combines the hydration and longevity of a lipstick with an instant high gloss finish which results into a moisturising, long lasting and a natural colour that is perfect for day or night.
It also states that it is a blend of nourishing and soothing ingredients combined with Vitage's professional Mineral formulation to condition the lips whilst providing a natural healthy shine and flush of gorgeous colour.
Right, I'll start by talking about the packaging, I'll have to admit it does not excite me, though this brand is slightly pricier it doesn't have that 'high end' factor but we all know that saying 'do not judge a book by it's cover' so I will have to focus on the actual product and how it performs.
I agree with Vitage and say that it is a hybrid of a lipstick and lipgloss rolled into one but it leans toward the gloss more.
The shade hint of pink is a gorgeous classic magenta pink shade which screams summer and sophistication!
In terms of pigmentation, it is buildable but to be honest it really is not needed because this product has the ability to give a realistic and a natural flush of colour in a single coat.
Since this is a long lasting lipgloss it has a slight tackier feel but in no way does it feel sticky and uncomfortable. It is super light weight instead.
This key ingredients used in this lipgloss are: castor oil,jojoba oil,vitamin E, beeswax, iron oxides and mica. It states that all of these combined will keep your lips nourished and it will help keep your lips in the best condition. I haven't used it for a longer period of time so I can't really comment on if it has helped the condition of my lips but I may update this review later and let you know :)
The scent and taste reminds me of the old school smell of older lipsticks/lipglosses which I actually quite liked. You would think that because of the price and ingredients it would of had a better or a more pleasant smell but I guess it may be down to the combination of ingredients used. Would of been better if it had a vanilla/candy scent.

Overall I have mixed feelings for this product, I liked the tint of colour, the ability to last long and the ingredients but the price and packaging could of been more persuading to the public.

Check it out here - Link
Comment and tell me if you have tried this before, I would love to know :)


  1. I am interested in hearing how this works out on the lip conditioning front at this would be something I think would make it worth the money as it looks like a beautiful colour. I came from the blog hop and just followed you x

  2. This is such a beautiful color! I love the slight hint of shimmer.


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  4. @Betzy :) the colour's a beaut!

  5. @katie :) i will be wearing it alot now to see how it performs, i will definitely be adding a bit to the review about it :) thank you!!!

  6. @deana rose :) the shimmer make the lipgloss look more dimensional :)

  7. @lily aww thanks! no problem :) I'll check it out :)


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