Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Amelia's Bath Bombs ~ Whimsical Jasmine Heart Bath Bomb - Princess Pamper ♚

I am finally back and settled in from my amazing anniversary trip and BOY! Was that a loooong journey back! Arriving home I was tired and sleepy and I needed something to release the tension from my whole body so I turned to my bath goodies box and decided to give this bath bomb a try :)
I Love Amelia's Bathbombs ( I reviewed many products previously) and I now am resuming the reviews for this because I have 3 more Bathbombs to review and summer came along so you cannot exactly have a warm bath.
This seemed to be the perfect choice at the time, I wanted something girly and just for me, To spare some minutes (30 mins actually ^^) for myself to de stress and unwind.
This bathbomb is uber cute!! for the inner girly girl that am sure we all are deep inside. Not only does this smell like real Jasmine but it is also covered with glitter!!!
A part of me was worried that it will be a pain to clean in the tub and that I would be covered in glitter but it actually was a breeze to use and I didn't look like a discoball... Win!
When I popped this into the tub, the heart slowly fizzed away leaving a trail of glitter and it changed the water into a subtle shade of pink.
I am happy to say that the scent continued to linger on and I did feel that this was a heavily scented one but in no way did it smell artificial because Jasmine essential oils was used whilst making this bath bomb.
I really enjoyed using this, it instantly reminds you of princesses and fairytales, the scent lingers on throughout the bath and it is not overwhelming and the fact that the glitter isn't OTT but just enough to make the bath water a bit more special and magical <3

Am sure this will be a winner for the teens/younger audience out there so check it out here - link
What do you think of this bathbomb? Comment below <3 =^^=


  1. I just love bath bombs! So relaxing and With Autumn settling in, some relaxation in the bath is all we need! will have to check these out!

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  2. Sounds so relaxing!
    Stopping by from the "Fun Friday" blog hop. Following you on Bloglovin, Twitter, and Facebook.
    Have a great week ahead!
    Bismah @
    Simple Mama

  3. I love bath bombs! I"m not a huge fan of having bathes but when I do the bath bombs make it that much better!

  4. @beautyqueenuk be sure to check out the site :)

  5. @stefy i am the same! love bath bombs so much!

  6. @crystal i agree! bath bombs are the best!


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