Sunday, 8 September 2013

Caribbean Essentials Radiance Facial Spritz* - Review

Caribbean Essentials Radiance Facial Spritz*//£18

Facial sprays are an exciting thing! I have never tried one and I was excited to use this!
This spray is a multi use product. It can be used as a refreshing facial spray for a hydration hit,a toner treatment for anytime of the day or night or to set your makeup! ^^
The Caribbean essentials brand is a luxury global spa company and they have a collection of professional botanical signature spa treatments and all of the products and treatments has active botanical ingredients bursting with vitality and energy of the Caribbean.
Here is the product description:

Prepare and awaken, tighten and tone, refresh and hydrate... misting with Caribbean Essentials Radiance Facial Spritz will do all this and more. It’s a refreshing, hydrating tropical mist with nutrient rich ingredients including Neroli, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel to hydrate your skin and leave you feeling exotic and deliciously aromatic. Use in the car, to seal make-up, at the office or anytime your skin is feeling dehydrated.

The skin is left radiant,toned and refreshed.

The product has 6 key ingredients  carrot seed oil, witch hazel, neroli,vanilla, sweet orange and aloe vera, each has it's healing power for the mind body and spirit.

I use this as a facial spray and this was amazing to use in the summer, My skin instantly felt relaxed and toned. 
I honestly think that this is summer in a bottle because the scent is amazing! hard to describe but it is definitely heavenly.
When you spray this on the face it does not feel sticky but it delivers a fine mist that instantly brightens your complexion too!
Perfect to keep in the office or on long flights ^^
I am yet to try this out for setting my make up because I am still trying to find a decent primer that actually keeps your make up in place (so if you do have suggestions then please comment below and tell me what to purchase!)

If you want to purchase a facial spray then look no further, this one is amazing and the fact that it is a multi use product makes it an even better reason to get this!

Check it out here


  1. this looks great X

  2. @ell :) it is amazing! definitely try it out if you can!


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