Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Revlon Lip Butter In Pink Lemonade - Review

Revlon Lip Butter In Pink Lemonade*//£7.99

My first ever lip butter! How could I not opt for this shade? The name just sounded lovely. Wish it did smell like pink lemonade!
I can see why there is a hype about these lip butters, Once you get one you need to have all of them!
The packaging is cute, I love the quilted design on the plastic cover, I like how the lid colour corresponds with the actual lip colour too.
When you apply this on the lips, it actually feels like butter and leaves a glossy shine.
This one leaves a slight pink tint but to achieve a full opacity you will need to re apply a couple of times.

It is a gorgeous bubblegum pink and I feel that this shade will compliment every skin tone. This is quite a milky nudey pink which is great to add into your collection.
In terms of longevity, it wears for 1-2 hours but I have read that each lip butter varies in terms of the shades? I have no idea but for me this is absolutely fine.
My lips feel comfortable wearing this, it is so light that you do not feel like you are wearing any product. I feel that when I wear lipsticks.
I like how this is a fuss free product because you do not need a mirror to apply this, just apply it how you normally would with a normal lipbalm.

I have two other shades that I will be reviewing soon but I think that this will be my only fave.

Check it out here - link

What is your favourite Lip butter shade? <3


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