Thursday, 5 September 2013

Wanderlust Peacock Washbag* From - Review

Wanderlust Peacock Washbag* from£12.95

Such a pretty sight! Anyone who knows me well knows that I have an obsession with peacocks, it's the colours and the grace of those birds that makes me feel happy. sent over this amazing washbag. is a company that sells online gifts, and not just any kind of gift but a good choice of brands and products to choose from that is all in one place! and it is suitable for any occasion too!

This washbag is made by a brand called Wild & Wolf.
Wild & Wolf Ltd are a designer of nostalgic and creative gifts and home accessories.
The wanderlust collection captures the spirit of exotic travel to faraway destination and it includes a stunning range of accessories inspired by postcard perfect places that features an eclectic floral and fauna print.

but this particular collection continues it's exotic journey, picking up a plethora of new birds and bees along the way. This range showcases peacocks, budgies and goldfishes.
This collection has everything from iphone cases to paper weights.
Looking at this print instantly reminds me of hot days, cool drinks and wishing to be in a tropical paradise...

This definitely is a roomy bag! I put in my can of Impulse spray so that you can see the depth of the bag.
The fabric used is decent and expect no wearing and tearing with this one!
I love the little accents because it really finishes the bag off perfectly.
From the brown strap to the label with the brand's name that is sewn inside in gold embroidery which definitely stands out in the navy blue inner lining of the bag.
I will definitely replace my old wash bag with this one since this can carry alot of products and I tend to over pack so this is so ideal for me! 

Check it out here

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  1. Cute and colourful plus I adore that brand :) I bought a phone from them :)

  2. i love this print! absolutely beautiful
    Emma x

  3. I really like the colors! I agree, peacocks and (phoenix) are such beautiful birds!

  4. Oooh I love this, it's so cute and vintage! Thanks for the follow and comment :) xxx

  5. Really cute case - love the pattern. Following back :)


  6. cute!


  7. @laura aww that's fantastic!

  8. @shree aww glad we agree on the same thing!

  9. @louise :) aww no problem! :)

  10. @forevermissvanity :) thank you!!!


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