Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bath Bomb Treats - Lush and Bomb Cosmetics*

These are pretty aren't they? Bath bombs are such an inexpensive way to unwind, who needs an expensive spa treatment when you can easily buy luxury bath products from Coal Harbour
Coal Harbour stocks an amazing array of bath products from all of the best brands such as Bomb Cosmetics and even Lush!
Delivery was fast and the products were packaged perfectly because there wasn't any breakages (phew!)
I was sent 3 amazing bath bombs to try out and the hardest part is deciding which one to use first!

I am very excited to try it all!
It's the hundreds and thousands of the knickerbocker glory and the cuteness of the fresh berry bomb that made me want to try out Bomb cosmetics, I have never tried this brand and they also make the prettiest of bath products.
The Lush golden wonder is a must have! I have seen countless reviews/videos and instagram pics. I know I should of kept it a surprise but it is one of the most raved about bath bombs and I was just too impatient to see what it would do to the bath water. Totally saving this for a rainy day!
Just to give you a heads up, right now BOTH of the Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs are on offer! So now there is another reason to treat yourself by having a pamper evening.
Both bath bombs are now selling at £1.99!!! the RRP for both is between £2.19 - £2.99 ^^

Visit Coal harbour today to find these incredible deals.

I cannot wait to document each bath bomb for you all to see so keep your eyes peeled for three upcoming exciting reviews!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Lotil Original Cream* - Review

Winter is nearly upon us and to keep our skin looking and feeling hydrated, we need a good ol' cream that will help soothe and heal.
Lotil is a cream that has been quenching dry skin for the past 100 years! 
About Lotil
Lotil Cream gently rehydrates dry skin on a daily basis, providing maximum moisture and protection. Trusted for over 100 years - Lotil is medicated to heal dry, chapped or cracked skin and guards against infection. Lotil is rich, yet easily absorbed for simple, fuss-free, top-to-toe application.
Lotil claims that it is great for: dry skin, eczema, leisure, diabetes, seasonal and travel.
Essentially anyone can use this because it boosts moisturisation levels, helps repair the driest of skins and it can help keep skin soft and safe from damage.
The cream is also available in 4 different sizes so it's handy for travelling or to keep in the office.

The packaging is a downer for me, it just looks old fashioned and if I saw this in a shop I would of probably walked right past it without even noticing, some may like the 'retro' feel of it but I feel that there are many creams out there that have such attractive and colourful packaging.

I do like the fact that the cream is in a squeezy tube which makes applications quicker and it is hygienic too!

The scent is very potent and some may find it a bit off putting, If i had to describe the scent then I would say that it smells like a olden day/talc/pharmacy which am sure hasn't changed since it first came out.

All that aside, I do think that it does work well and live up to it's statement, Using it for a couple of days has made a slight change to the condition of my skin, I am sure that if i use this for a longer period of time my skin will be renewed. I do like the fact that this cream really does absorb fast and you are not left with greasy skin. You can use this as an all rounder, using this on my cuticles is also a great help!

Apart from the scent and packaging this cream turned out to be quite good and what's even better is the price... at only £3.08 (50ml) it is an affordable product that should be kept in every beauty cupboard.

Available at Boots and if you want to read more about this brand then head on over to the Lotil website.

Have you tried this before? Has it helped your skin? comment below!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Disney Princess Lipsmackers =^^= Cinderella Vanilla Sparkle and Belle Tea Party Treats* Review

Lipsmacker teamed up with Disney to create these sparkly wonders, It's about time! The inner magpie in me is definitely loving these cute lipbalms.
There are four in the Disney Princess range - Belle, Cinderella, Aerial and Snow White.
The two that I was sent was Cinderella and Belle.

Out of the two I would have to say that my favourite one is Cinderella simply because it smells like cake frosting!!! Who would not love that in a lipbalm? The Belle lipsmacker smells more like the 'traditional' lipsmacker scent with vanilla mixed in. I also love the gorgeous lavender shade of the balm and from the swatch above you can also see that it has alot of mini silver sparkles.
Even though the balms are glitzy it does not feel gritty in any way.
You could use these on top of a matte lipstick to give the shade more of a dimension.
The Cinderella lipsmacker has a slight bluish tone and you can see it in the swatch and like with all blue-toned lip products this does help your teeth to appear more whiter! ^^ Result!
The Belle lipsmacker has a more whitish all over sheen look, there is no colour in comparison to Cinderella.
The texture of the balms are actually creamy and it sits comfortably on the lips.
These lipsmackers are more hydrating then the normal ones and it surprisingly stayed on for longer too!

These balms are not going to instantly help heal chapped lips but if you are looking for hydration and scrummy scents with a sheen then do give these cute Disney princess lipsmackers a try!

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Body Shop NEW Colour Crush Lipstick #325 Darling Blush* - Review

I have another reason for you all to head out your doors and to go to your nearest The Body Shop store.
The NEW colour crush lipsticks range has 26 shades! The range promises high impact colour and rich moisture. The lipsticks are also infused with a subtle rose scent.
The lipstick comes with a transparent cap (colour corresponds to the shade of the lipstick, which is handy) the logo is printed onto the cap and the silver bullet packaging comes with a shade number but there is no name of the shade, however the actual name of the shade can be found on the sticker label that is removed when you take off the plastic packaging.
The lipsticks are grouped into shades, reds, pinks and nudes/browns. This particular shade is from the nudes/brown family.
I love this shade. It is a milky pink nude with tiny gold shimmers, wearing this really gives the illusion of fuller lips and though it has a pearly sheen it doesn't look too glitzy so it is very wearable, finding the right nude can be a challenge but this shade has a slight pinky golden undertone so it can suit anyone. 
Pigmentation is fab! in one swatch there is enough colour but you can build it up. 
The rose scent is slightly detectable but it isn't an important factor, I see it more as a perk.
However what is important is the formulation and longevity, this lipstick lasted quite long and I did use the 'blotting' technique with this one. This is also very creamy and this feels very moisturising on the lips, perfect for the weather now. On application this feels more like a hydrating lipbalm.
The price tag on this is slightly higher than your average highstreet brands but the pigmentation and quality surely makes up for that minor set back.

I really am impressed with this range and you should check out the Colour Crush Lipstick Range

Have you tried any of the shades before? Comment below :)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Body Shop Eyeshadow Brush* - Review

Using the right tools can really make a difference to your makeup, you can easily achieve a flawless face by just a couple of brush strokes.
This is my first ever brush from The Body Shop, Whenever I go in store I always take a look at the brushes. They are SO soft and I am still looking for a good foundation brush (the search carries on...)
This brush has given me a rough idea of how the other brushes may perform.
The easy to hold handle ensures a good grip so that you are in control of the product.
The bristles are stiff yet so soft and this is great for packing eyeshadow onto the lid, it collects eyeshadow perfectly and it applies evenly across the eye. Other eyeshadow brushes tend to be loose and they do not pick enough pigment.
This brush is not good for blending but I have found another use for it...
To be honest I do not wear eyeshadows everyday but I do happen to wear concealer ALOT... This brush is also fantastic for concealing as it can really reach into the corners and it feels precise too.
The synthetic hair is of great quality and since the first use it has not shed a hair, it seems to stay just as new even after washing too.

I am really impressed with this brush, definitely need to check out more brushes available in the range!

Have you tried any brushes from The Body Shop? Comment below! :) 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

New From The Body Shop - Colour Crush Eyeshadows* In Fig Leaf and Sugar Gaze

I have never tried make up from The Body Shop before so I was excited when I received a little package courtesy of The Body Shop team! I was sent two types of products from the colour crush range (a lipstick and two eyeshadows) and an eyeshadow brush.
Just like a rainbow,the eyeshadow range has a huge array of gorgeous colours, I am sure there is a colour to suit everyone and not only that, there are two types of eyeshadows available in the range - matte or pearlescent.
The two shades that I was sent were pearlescent and it sure is pretty to look at!
The Body Shop are known for remaining vegetarian and being 100% cruelty free, nothing was harmed whilst making these products.
These eyeshadows also contain alot of skin conditioning oils so you gain something good to your skin whilst wearing these which is always a plus!
With all of those safe ingredients you would assume that the product may not be as striking as other top leading eyeshadows but you should think again...
The pigmentation is fantastic! the swatches above are without a primer so imagine the intensity of the shades with a primer.
I absolutely love the depth and tone of the Fig Leaf shade, such a stunning green! 
Sugar glaze could be a near enough dupe to the nylon eyeshadow from MAC. This could double up as a eye brightener and a highlighter. Talk about versatility! What I love about these eyeshadows is that you can use it dry like how you would normally use it by blending and layering the pigment or you can use it wet by using a damp eyeshadow or eyeliner brush to create dramatic cat eye flicks. You can really experiment with all the colours and say goodbye to the traditional black.
The clear and sturdy packaging allows you to see the shade without having to open it and if any knocks or tumbles occur I will not expect this eyeshadow to crumble.
The texture is so silky and smooth that it really does blend easily making it a good choice for smokey eyes.
And finally in terms of longevity you do get a decent amount of wear time before any signs of fading but who says you cannot carry this for touch ups, it pretty small and practically weightless so you can always ensure that your eyes are looking at it's best.

I am quite impressed with these eyeshadows and since this was the first time trying a eye product from The Body Shop I didn't know what to expect but these mighty lil mono compacts are worth checking out!

Check out The Body Shop's Colour Crush collection

What do you think of these eyeshadows? comment below!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Paint The Town Red With Vaseline - Project*

Recently I was contacted by the lovely team at Vaseline to take part in a little challenge to try out the newest limited edition of vaseline which is called 'paint the town' which is normal vaseline but with a red tint. The actual challenge was to create a glam look that can be worn on a night out. I was sent a inspiration box which included alot of treats to use for the look. I just had to incorporate the rose headband into the look!
I was given a tin of the new paint the town vaseline, some red lips sweeties, a rimmel red nail polish, a rose head band and even a £20 topshop voucher.

The look that I went for was fun yet easy, anyone can recreate this. I decided to do a high bun and I finished it off with the rose headband and to keep my fringe away I made a quiff. For make up I created a muted version of a smokey eye, using taupes and a cranberry shade I decided to mix the shades up rather then using the traditional silver/black combination. Eyes were the main focus of this look. I also contoured because having your hair up allows you to really accentuate your features and to finish it off I applied the paint the town Vaseline which gave a nice subtle red tint onto my lips.

There is also a prize... Many have taken part in this mini project and the chosen winning look will receive TWO Lulu Guinness lip clutch bags (one for the winner and one to giveaway to a lucky follower!) how exciting! fingers crossed! :)

Vaseline paint the town is available at these top retailers (Boots, Superdrug, Tesco & Selfridges) for a limited time only so make sure to grab one before they run out! Priced at £3.49*

Have you tried the new Vaseline? What are your views on it? comment below :)

Monday, 21 October 2013

The Watch Hut - Casio Watch* Review

Recently I was sent this lovely watch from The Watch Hut via a campaign that e-tail PR are running. The delivery was very fast because within a week of signing up I received the watch ^^
The watch came inside a plastic display case with a set of instructions.
Setting the date and time was very easy and I could not wait to start wearing this nifty little piece.
This watch has many great features such as a calender, chronograph and an alarm. Everything in one place sure makes it a whole lot easier.
I love how this has a vintage/retro feel and that's what I look for in accessories, It's my favourite kind. This looks lovely paired with other dainty jewellery or as part of an 'arm candy'.
Casio watches are known for their superb quality and for such a low price you are getting a decent piece.
An issue I have with wrist wear is that it can be huge for my little wrist but the steel bracelet strap is adjustable! *does a happy dance* and all you have to do is pop the clip open and slide it down until you are happy with how it sits on your wrist :)
As much as I love 'boyfriend' style watches I also am a huge fan of dainty and minimalistic pieces so this watch is great to have in my collection.
I have worn it with two of my most favourite pieces of jewellery, a Ilcentimetro bracelet* and a diamond bracelet which was gifted to me. This makes the ultimate trio! <3

What do you think of this watch?

Friday, 18 October 2013

Santoro London Gorjuss Biscuit Tin* - Review

Need a cute storage idea? then look no further because I have for you a biscuit tin by Santoro London. How gorgeously cute is this?! This tin is perfect for storing away sweet treats and biccies because the size is reasonably good and measuring at (17cm dia and 18cm high) you can fit ALOT in this ^^
I have really become familiarised with the Gorjuss range because I have also reviewed another product which you can read here - link and you can expect nothing but good quality merchandise and pretty looking items that will turn heads.
This is a really sturdy tin with the lovely 'gorjuss' ruby print all over it. The price is a bit steep for a biscuit tin but if you happen to adore the range then am sure the prices won't matter. I do think that if you have different tins (varying of colours & sizes) then it would look great on any kitchen worktop/shelf.

As much as I love sweet treats I also love bath products and I try to find ways to store certain items. I was in a mini dilemma, I had some bath stuff that needed storing away and I had no idea where to put it. This biscuit tin is perfect for it! Bath bombs are fragile and I wanted to keep it stored safely. The amount of bath stuff that I had only reached half way so that means more space for more bath bombs! ^^ Though this tin is not intended for this use, this can also add a bit of decor to your bedroom too!

Until I find another way to store my bath goodies I will carry on using this tin to store them away. I need suggestions guys! How do you store your bath bombs/soaps? I would really like it to be in a decorative manner but also be kept safe from any possible breakages. Would love it if you could tell me in the comments below or if not send me a link of a review/blogpost on how you organise your bath goodies.

Check it out here - link
What do you think of the biscuit tin?

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Exclusive Preview Of The Marc b Cosmetic Bags Range* - Review

You can never have enough cosmetic bags... I was kindly sent an exclusive cosmetic bag set from Marc b that is yet to be launched (soon). As part of their Christmas gift range, Marc b have designed cosmetic bags to add to their already successful bag line. Marc b is available at Topshop and I am loving the look of these bags! 

I literally fell in love with this gold and black cosmetic bag. It is reasonably sized and it has the most gorgeous gold hardware that really compliments the sleek black bag. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have so much love for gold hardware, it makes every product look finished and high end. The shiny black PU leather is adorned with a gold plaque that states the brand name 'Marc b London' it certainly looks classy. Other gold hardware that is attached onto the bag is a cute removable gold heart charm which you can attach onto your handbag or to your keychain ^^ and also attached to the gold zip is another adornment with a black PU leather strap,this makes it easier to open the bag. Once opened you see a beautiful leopard print which is known to be the signature print lining of all of the bags by Marc b. Do not worry if any stain(s) occur because on the label inside it reassures us that it is wipe able with a damp cloth. You can also find a stitched on label inside which gives the product a more pricier feel.

As you can see I have already transferred my make up items into the bag ^^ who could wait? It is so roomy that I could add more products. It can be used as a toiletry bag but I think for me personally I have found THE bag to store my daily make up in. You can see by the picture that it is very roomy so if you happen to use alot of make up for your daily routine then you should definitely consider this bag <3

Opening the black bag I found another cute bag, a much smaller sized one and in pure gold ^^
These bags come in sets because it matches the black and gold theme.
This bag has one attachment to the zip and though it is minimal and simple it still looks just as nice though it isn't a statement bag like the black one.
Though the bags are made from 100% PU (Poly synthetic leather) it seems to be quite durable and this material is known for being water proof and it can be easily maintained (yay) perfect for cosmetic bags because in time there may be spillages but atleast it can be easily dealt with. The exterior looks really shiny and that's what makes it so appealing too. I love how it looks and feels like genuine leather. You can still enjoy quality looking products but without the hefty price tag! It doesn't look cheap and tacky like PVC material and I steer clear from those types of bags.

You can even see in the gold bag that I have put in my make up so you can judge the amount of space available. I even find that this one takes decent amounts of items. I think the shape of the bag really helps, being a semi circle shape can really help you to add more products :)
I honestly think that these make up bags by Marc b are really decent and these bags would make fabulous gift ideas for the organised person in your family to an absolute make up lovers. It can be for anyone (even yourself)
I am not sure of the prices but judging by the bags it should be around the £15 - £30+ mark because the craftsmanship that has gone into these bags is brilliant.

These bags will be launching on the 18th of October 2013 which is a day away! so make a note on your calender/diary for this launch, definitely something NOT to be missed!

Check out the Marc b Website here - link

What do you think of these cosmetic bags? Have you bought a product by Marc b? Comment below <3