Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Back To School Make Up Essentials ✎

Wearing make up to school should be kept to a minimum but it should leave you looking fresh and awake.
I have put together some products that I think will be perfect for school days. To be honest I would rather hit snooze to get that extra five minutes of sleep but if you do like to wear make up then you can use these products or similar ones to replicate the look.

First and foremost do not skip skincare before applying your make up, always cleanse and moisturise and your skin will thank you for it. It also allows you to apply makeup onto a cleaner and a more fresher base. 

Keep your complexion looking fresh by using a BB cream, I personally think that you do not need to use a foundation. It will seem too 'put on' BB creams allows your skin to breathe too and it blurs out any imperfections. I love this one by Yves Rocher and It gives a nice dewy finish.

Concealer will be your best friend, It instantly lifts and brightens your eyes and you can use it to disguise any imperfections you may have. If you already have a flawless skin (lucky you!) then skip this bit.

Using a mattifying powder can really help by taking away any shine that you may have and it is useful for touch ups on the go, a must for your school bag!

A nice pink blush will keep you looking fresh and radiant, I really like this one by EX1 Cosmetics. Never skip this bit, adding a bit of colour to your complexion is always a good thing.

Mascara is a must to open up your eyes, early mornings are not for everyone so this is a must. The Bourjois mascara is great for adding a bit of volume and definition. I always used to put mascara on for school. If black is not your thing then use a brown mascara because it will look more natural.

If you want more then a mascara then use the L'Oreal gelmatic eye liner, I am loving this new product. You can easily created subtle smokey defined lines and this stays put too so you do not need to worry about it fading. This is an optional product though if you are happy with just mascara then skip this bit.

A lipbalm is a must, Keep things fun and cute with this lipsmacker (Walls version), This will keep your lips hydrated and the packaging will definitely brighten up your make up bag too! ^^

Lastly a good handcream should be included in your bag, Your hands go through alot in the day and this will keep your hands soft and moisturised throughout the day (a must for winter!)

So there you go! I hope this will help you in deciding what make up to wear to school and to all my readers who do go to school, I wish you luck for those assignments/exams and remember to embrace your beauty, wear what you feel is comfortable and be confident to face each day! <3

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  1. Stay Matte is great and super affordable, definitely a staple in my makeup bag! :) x


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