Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bath Bomb Treats - Lush and Bomb Cosmetics*

These are pretty aren't they? Bath bombs are such an inexpensive way to unwind, who needs an expensive spa treatment when you can easily buy luxury bath products from Coal Harbour
Coal Harbour stocks an amazing array of bath products from all of the best brands such as Bomb Cosmetics and even Lush!
Delivery was fast and the products were packaged perfectly because there wasn't any breakages (phew!)
I was sent 3 amazing bath bombs to try out and the hardest part is deciding which one to use first!

I am very excited to try it all!
It's the hundreds and thousands of the knickerbocker glory and the cuteness of the fresh berry bomb that made me want to try out Bomb cosmetics, I have never tried this brand and they also make the prettiest of bath products.
The Lush golden wonder is a must have! I have seen countless reviews/videos and instagram pics. I know I should of kept it a surprise but it is one of the most raved about bath bombs and I was just too impatient to see what it would do to the bath water. Totally saving this for a rainy day!
Just to give you a heads up, right now BOTH of the Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs are on offer! So now there is another reason to treat yourself by having a pamper evening.
Both bath bombs are now selling at £1.99!!! the RRP for both is between £2.19 - £2.99 ^^

Visit Coal harbour today to find these incredible deals.

I cannot wait to document each bath bomb for you all to see so keep your eyes peeled for three upcoming exciting reviews!


  1. I love Lush! My favorite is the bath bomb Phoenix Rising. So pretty and smells awesome!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  2. @Mandy Jean :) oo That does look and sound great! I haven't tried that one before... I guess I'll have to put that on my wishlist :)

  3. I loving the goodies on Bomb cosmetics I have a wishlist going live on Wednesday and will definitely putting them on my christmas list. So gorgeous xx

  4. I think I prefer some bomb cosmetics to those from Lush, but it depends which one I use really, they're all lovely!!

  5. Lovely haul !

  6. @Kate I think you defo should! they look like they will be fab!

  7. @Sara T :) bomb cosmetics is just more visually prettier than lush but then again lush is popular too so it all depends on what you use/like

  8. I've never tried any lush products before! I'll have to try them out, these make me want to eat them instead of using them in the bath.

    I'm a new follower I found you through Meet Me on The Brightsides bloghop :) is my new blog, it'd be cool if you could check it out!

  9. @melanie and sondra i know they look delicious and pretty! hehe ^^ thank you! sure I will check it out!


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