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Lauren Conrad Beauty* - Book Review

What a time to upload something about Lauren Conrad! If you do not already know then let me spill the beans, she announced on the 13th of Oct that she is engaged!!! :D <3 am sure so many LC fans will be happy about this one! I absolutely loved her ring that she uploaded on her blog! A stunning sparkler that's for sure!

Many Love LC for her impeccable hair, make up & sense of style. I completely agree with everyone on that. When she released her own beauty book I simply thought I MUST read it!!! I absolutely love her signature winged eyeliner that always looks so flawless and I wanted to see what she uses in her beauty routine.
The lovely Jazmin over at Jazmin Books sent me this, Once I received the book I instantly made some tea, dived into bed and started reading.
I literally could not put the book down.
This books covers everything from Lauren's inspirations to her own beauty tips and tricks.
The first section Lauren explains where she gets her beauty inspiration from as well as sharing the pressure to look tv ready for the reality show - the hills. I love how she has shared her beauty timeline and how in each stage she has evolved into the beautiful person that she is today.
Lauren shares amazing skincare tips as well as a very informative description of certain skin care products. There is even a section of what ingredients to avoid, which is very handy indeed! Even I didn't know half of them.

Now onto the hair section, Lauren first talks about shampoos and conditioners, What they are,what they do and even a little bit of background information. There is some more information on hair masks and even how to promote hair growth. The next page (above image) is very interesting. If you are thinking of getting a hair cut but you are clueless as to which length/style will suit you then you have to check out Lauren's guide to finding the right haircut, It's amazing to see what style will suit you depending on your face shape. This is another nice section, great to refer to when needed.
Next up was the stress section, this was so interesting to read because Lauren shares what she like to do when she wants to unwind from her daily busy schedule.There are even some sneaky lil beauty tips that she has shared! Definitely will be adding those to my list!
Now onto food and fitness! Lauren shares about having body confidence and how to fit in exercise even if you have the most hectic schedule ever! After reading this I will TRY to add in a daily routine, seems easy right? In the food section there is alot of information of the types of vitamins we should intake and what to eat if you travel alot. Loved this section!

Now onto my most favourite section... Beauty! Without a doubt I was very excited to read this. This was very informative. Lauren talks you through all the make up items and how to apply them. The next page she talks about the tools of the trade, What tool is used where and how. There is even a cute page on beauty crimes that i thought was quite hilarious but so real at the same time.
Now onto the bit I was waiting for all my life and that was Lauren's everyday make up essentials. Following that there are many beauty tutorials which are simple and easy to do. From a simple day make up to a dramatic evening party make up look! There is even a routine that is  just like the five minute makeover which can be handy on some days then she talks about highlighting and contouring which is one of my favourite things to learn and to talk about. Alot has been covered in this section.

The hair section again covers the tools of the trade and how to create Lauren's signature waves :) There are alot of cute and easy hair tutorials that are easy to follow. If you are more into hair then you will love this section. It then goes onto a party hair section where there are even more tutorials!

Last section covers nails, I am so glad that this book has a section on it, I am trying really hard in keeping my nails looking and feeling great and in this Lauren talks about caring for your nails with certain tools. each tool is described and there are seven lovely nail tutorials to try out! from a polish free manicure to a vintage flower print tutorial!
The last section is a interesting one because Lauren talks us through all the beauty eras, If you like history you will love this. I personally love the 40's glam and how make up was worn in that era.

This is an amazing book to add to your collection, It is such a lovely book to flick through or for your reference. This is for the LC lovers out there and even for the beauty lovers!
I love this book, great for rainy days. I like how reading the book feels as if Lauren is talking directly to you. This is a really engaging book so like me once you start reading you will not be able to put it down ^^ The images are fabulous and LC is just the ultimate role model because she makes classy look cute! ^^ 
If you are planning on buying books of any genre then do check out Jazmin Books, There is an array to choose from. Covering everything from A-Z and even the bestsellers. Shipping was super quick and the extra packaging keeps your book snug whilst being shipped to you.
Here is the exact link - here if you are interested in purchasing the Lauren Conrad Beauty book.

Have you read this book or are you planning on purchasing it? Let me know in the comments below! <3


  1. Oh wow great book review! I already wanted to read it, but you just made me wish the bookstore was still open right now! haha x


  2. Sounds amazing maybe one for the Christmas wish list
    Carrieanne x


  3. I was just looking at this book yesterday! Definitely have to buy it now :) x

  4. looks very nice, I have to buy it :)


  5. I may not be the world's biggest Conrad fan, but she certainly knows her beauty. Glad you enjoyed the book, I'm sure there're lots of new ideas!

  6. @natalielovesbeauty hahaha ^^

  7. @lisancarrieanne definitely!


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