Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Lotil Original Cream* - Review

Winter is nearly upon us and to keep our skin looking and feeling hydrated, we need a good ol' cream that will help soothe and heal.
Lotil is a cream that has been quenching dry skin for the past 100 years! 
About Lotil
Lotil Cream gently rehydrates dry skin on a daily basis, providing maximum moisture and protection. Trusted for over 100 years - Lotil is medicated to heal dry, chapped or cracked skin and guards against infection. Lotil is rich, yet easily absorbed for simple, fuss-free, top-to-toe application.
Lotil claims that it is great for: dry skin, eczema, leisure, diabetes, seasonal and travel.
Essentially anyone can use this because it boosts moisturisation levels, helps repair the driest of skins and it can help keep skin soft and safe from damage.
The cream is also available in 4 different sizes so it's handy for travelling or to keep in the office.

The packaging is a downer for me, it just looks old fashioned and if I saw this in a shop I would of probably walked right past it without even noticing, some may like the 'retro' feel of it but I feel that there are many creams out there that have such attractive and colourful packaging.

I do like the fact that the cream is in a squeezy tube which makes applications quicker and it is hygienic too!

The scent is very potent and some may find it a bit off putting, If i had to describe the scent then I would say that it smells like a olden day/talc/pharmacy which am sure hasn't changed since it first came out.

All that aside, I do think that it does work well and live up to it's statement, Using it for a couple of days has made a slight change to the condition of my skin, I am sure that if i use this for a longer period of time my skin will be renewed. I do like the fact that this cream really does absorb fast and you are not left with greasy skin. You can use this as an all rounder, using this on my cuticles is also a great help!

Apart from the scent and packaging this cream turned out to be quite good and what's even better is the price... at only £3.08 (50ml) it is an affordable product that should be kept in every beauty cupboard.

Available at Boots and if you want to read more about this brand then head on over to the Lotil website.

Have you tried this before? Has it helped your skin? comment below!


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