Saturday, 12 October 2013

Shonu (My Cat) Update =^^= 1 year and up!

It has been a while since I last updated you all about my cat and I have alot to share! =^^= 
She is now exactly a year and 4 months old, the picture above was taken on her birthday (15th May) and I baked her a mini cupcake and yes she did eat it (a half... broken into pieces)
There is never a dull day with this cat around. She has grown up to be such a madam at times. She has a secret weapon which seems to melt my heart and that is she pulls the most adorable face (similar to puss in boots with whole big eyes trick) and this usually happens when we are about to tuck into dinner. That's right she loves human food. Her main favourites are chips and wotsits.

She also loves to hang out on top of a suitcase which is on top of a cupboard... why I do not know. She is climbing every where now and she wants to explore every inch of our house.
She also does a very funny thing and that is when I recieve blogger mail she will stop everything that she is doing so that she can sniff the package ^^ maybe she is trying to find something in there for her? 
Lately on our road there has been some road works going on and the loud noises are really annoying and I have never seen her get so scared. The other day I was just sitting using the laptop and with the corner of my eye I could see a lump moving towards me! hahaha she somehow got under the duvet and tried to find me so that she can feel secure AWWWWWWW! <3

Everyday I learn more and more about her, hopefully in the next update I will be writing about more cute/clever things that she does.

I cannot wait to share and update again so until then meow from Shonu =^^=


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