Thursday, 7 November 2013

Biscuit Village//Blue Dress Biscuit Card*

What a yummy treat! Too pretty to eat? I know... I totally agree with you on that.
This is the tastiest review I have ever eaten written <3
I was sent a Blue Dress Biscuit Card to review for you all!

This is the first time I have tried a professionally made biscuit and Boy! Did I enjoy every bite of this!
Biscuit Village make an array of different biscuits that are tailor made just for you. So many designs to choose from and themes too! You can even get the biscuit to be personalized so that the receiving end feels that extra bit special.
Biscuit Village ensures the freshest of ingredients are used, the biscuits are baked daily so the quality and taste is kept at it's best. Only natural colourings have been used and there are no nasty hydrogenated fats.
Sugar craft at it's finest.
The biscuit card came packaged in a box that was lined with foam so whilst the product is being delivered there won't be any disappointing breakages. The biscuit came wrapped and sealed so that the freshness is kept inside until it is devoured eaten.

Nearly gone...

The biscuits are so beautifully made and decorated, hats off to this family-run business.
Taste wise it is very scrummy! you can really taste the vanilla and you can detect the fresh ingredients too. It is not too sweet so this can be enjoyed in copious amounts ^^
These are expensive, no doubt. But they're more like small masterpieces and you are paying for the quality,love and effort that has gone into the biscuits, these biscuit cards will also make great party favors or as a small gift for your loved ones. There are 4 available colours in the dresses range to choose from, They are all so pretty! Instantly reminds me of Disney princess dresses.

A fantastic company, quick delivery, fresh ingredients & biscuits that are made to the highest of qualities.

Check out Biscuit Village here >> Link

Have you tried anything from the Biscuit Village before? 


  1. Thank you zara! :) I'm glad you like it!
    your blog is soo cute! I really liked it, following xx

  2. oh wow it looks absolutely amazing x

  3. @rita aww thank you so much! ^^

  4. @kirstyb you should of seen my face when i opened the box... i just did not want to eat it! sooo pretty! ^^

  5. Omg I want to eat this so bad!!! It looks like it was delicious! :D

  6. @ashesela k ^^ it certainly was, would happily finish a tin...


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