Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bows And Pearls Turns 2 Today!

17th November 2011 a blog was born...

I cannot believe that another year has flew by, It certainly did not feel like it.
It just feels like yesterday, I still remember how nervous and anxious I was to see if anyone would interact/follow my blog.

Blogging is one heck of a journey, I cannot believe the amount of things that I have learnt along the way. From editing html codes to the controversial side of blogging. 
There will also be haters and I have let them go just so that I can appreciate and concentrate on the people who actually like/love my blog.

I have been extremely lucky to have guest posted on a top PR firm's blog, I have worked with so many brands/companies and I have attended alot more events even though I have the worst anxiety for meeting new people but if you do not push yourself you will not see what is around the corner for you, a new friend? a blessing? or even a opportunity. I will try harder to get out there and meet more fellow bloggers and who knows I might even have a fan girl moment!

I have 427 followers at the moment and I remember thinking in the beginning that 100 is enough, I cannot thank you all enough for following/reading/tweeting/commenting and for just being a part of this blog, It means alot. I spend ages writing up blog posts because the process takes long.
You first test out the product for a couple of days/weeks, take some decent snaps (good lighting is a must!) edit and then I type away my thoughts. Even if one follower says thank you or I need to buy that! it is so worth it in the end because you're helping that one person who may even spread the word.
I am thinking of doing a giveaway for when I reach the 500 follower mark because I really think that you guys deserve it.

I also want to thank the followers who are so consistent with their commenting, it brings a smile to my face. You know who you are! 

All comments are welcome, you can also find me on twitter, facebook and instagram :)

Now let's carry on this journey and see where it takes us to...
Aiming high as always!

Much Love

Zara x


  1. Congrats! Hope to see you blogging for many more years to come!

  2. Happy bloggy birthday Zara! X

  3. @safa maryam syed aww thanks hun! ^^ I will definitely blog for many years, it's like a part of me now :)

  4. @emma henderson aww thanks emma! ^^ <3


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