Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Me Me Me Blush Me! In Coral*

I don't know about you but I certainly think that I own way too many pink blushers, a whole spectrum of shades from hot pink to a powder puff pink. I steer away from orangey shades particularly because I have yellow undertones and orange and yellow... well it just doesn't seem like it would look good. 

Everything has changed since I tried this for the first time.

I received this Me Me Me blusher as part of a nude shades collection which you can read here - link and interestingly it was the blusher that I wanted to try the most, the packaging to blame perhaps?

Product description 
A celeb and a beauty blogger fave, a best seller too!
4 essential shades in a gorgeous compact box complete with mirror & brush.
Everything you need for a warm healthy glow contained in a gorgeous compact box complete with mirror and brush for on-the-go application. 

A very Benefit-esque product that could pass as a dupe, a cheaper but by no means an average product.
As far as the packaging goes, Like Benefit the blusher is housed in a cute but sturdy cardboard box that comes with a handy mirror in the lid and a small compact brush.
I never use brushes that are supplied with any make up kits because the quality of the brushes tend to be of a cheaper quality e.g bristle fall out or harsh bristles that scratch your face but this brush is actually OK and usable, great for on the go but if I was to do my make up at home I would use a proper face brush because it's rounder and more precise.

The shade is fabulous! It is the ultimate coral shade that is more on the orangey side, this will really compliment olive, tanned and exotic skin tones.
This coral shade is beautified even more by the shimmer/small glitters and this is what gives you that 'glow'
The pigmentation is great too! a really buildable pigment that you can adjust to your liking.
The staying power is lovely but what I found was that the shimmery sheen disappears the quickest which leaves your cheeks with just the colour. This might be because of my slight oily skin but atleast this has a decent amount of wear time. You can always touch up if you'd like to since it is a handy compact size.

Apart from that I really like this blusher! I now have the confidence to try other shades, step out of the pink 'safe zone' and try other shades. I am really interested in trying lilac/purple/mauve based blushers now! ^^

Check out the blusher here! >> link
At £8.50, this makes it a much more affordable product than benefit and the quality of the blusher is very similar to Benefit too!

Have you tried this? what are your thoughts? comment below! 


  1. Such a lovely shade !

  2. @sara i never liked corals/oranges but now I have started to like them better. Won't be using pinks for a while :)

  3. I loveeeeeee coral blushers, I'm nearing on being obsessed haha! This looks SO similar to the Illamasqua lover blusher! You have to google it, you'd be shocked... Great find!!! Xx

    Gemma | ❤️

  4. They are so similar to the benefit box blushes

  5. nice shade
    lets follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin

  6. @gemma haha! ^^ ooh I shall check it now, i have still not tried the illamasqua brand yet :(

  7. @betzy I know right! ^^ so similar :)


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