Sunday, 3 November 2013

Purrfect Feather Cat Toy By Funky Felines* - Review


When your cat gets her first ever mail... The other day I my cat received a parcel from the lovely people over at Funky Felines and we both were so curious to see what was inside. Ever since the moment the parcel arrived, Shonu could not stop sniffing the parcel (she does this with ALL of my blogger mail)
Shonu was sent a Purrfect feather toy to play with! How nice! =^^=
I have never seen my cat react like this with any other toy, turns out she goes hyper when she sees the chicken and turkey feathers wriggling about. It was so hard to capture Shonu playing, I ended up having atleast 30 pictures that came out so blurry because she was running and playing so quickly.
She absolutely loves this toy! I keep it hidden so that when I bring it out to show it to her she shows excitement in so many different levels. She has around 20 - 30 minutes of hyper play before she dozes off (fatty!)
The toy is a very well crafted piece, The rod is extremely long and it is very sturdy so you are assured that nothing will break.
Inside the rod there are 6 small balls that are known to be called noise makers and this is what awakens Shonu's ears. When she is slightly tired she will sit and stare at the noise makers going from one end to another and she tries to grab it with her paws.
For a couple of days now Shonu has played with this everyday ever since the day she received it and I cannot seem to see any damage on the feathers, still looks quite new. She has bitten,pounced,licked and even carried the feathers but there hasn't been any sign of tearing it is still in one piece!
The toy comes with a handy replacement so that when it is showing signs of wear and tear then you can replace it.
The wand is very flexible and it also features a safety bumper.

I wanted to share this with all you fellow bloggers who do have cats. Funky Felines offers a great service, delivery was fast and the toy was packaged nicely so that there wouldn't be any breakages whilst the toy is being dispatched and delivered. If you are considering this toy then definitely go ahead! Your cat will love you for it :) Definitely worth the price too because It seems to last long and you even get a replacement with it for FREE!
Lastly I love how the toy was addressed to my cat, though it's a small thing I found it to be extremely cute!

Check out the toy at Funky Felines here >> Meow 
I would love to know what toys your cat loves! Comment Below ^^


  1. Your cat is the cutest!!!


  2. My three boys would absolutely love this to play with xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Awww, your cat is a little angel ♡

  4. @beautyqueenuk yes they definitely would! wow you have 3! cats are awesome (aren't we all cat ladies?) haha ^^

  5. @christielle aww thank you so much <3


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