Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cuepido Cosmetics ♥

When make up is packaged like this, it is much more exciting to rip it open and see what goodies you have received.
I was lovingly sent three Cuepido Cosmetics products to try out and review for you all ^^
I think I am going to keep it at one piccy, just as a surprise for when the reviews come up however I will state what I received..

1x Face Primer
1x Lip Gloss
1x Blusher

I will not state more than that because that's what reviews are for :p
From what I know, Cuepido Cosmetics is a fab brand and the quality is quite superb so I sure am looking forward to testing it all out.
I am very happy with all of the products because the shades/colours are usable and none of the products are something that I don't use (phew!)

A short and sweet post! What review are you looking forward to reading about?


  1. Such a nice blog, feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. @look.love.wear thanks! ^^ sure will :)

  3. Pretty packaging is the best. I love opening up my parcels to see that everything has been wrapped really nicely.


  4. @linderella I know right! it's all about the packaging! ^^ x

  5. we loved this post!! what beauty box would you suggest for people like us who are very new to the concept?!



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