Thursday, 5 December 2013

Cushion Comfort | Wall's Mixed Icecream*

Put your hands up if you love cute cushions! ^^
Right so I have never reviewed a cushion before but I think that this one is worth talking about.
Looking at this pillow reminds me of summer, the endless ice cream and ice lollies (yum!) and this sure does brighten up my room.
I love the print, it showcases all the popular ice creams/lollies from Wall's.
I like to have alot of cushions displayed and the patterns don't even match, it is way more fun if the colours and prints clash.
I prefer the thrown in look rather than the matchy matchy looks you see in catalogues.
I am so happy to have this addition alongside my other pattern crazy ones from Ikea.
So if your're looking for a cute and easy way to liven up your living space or bedroom then go and check out the wall's range of cushions from Not the usual. Fun bright prints and an extra to add in for those cozy warm days inside for when it's too cold to go out.

Whilst I make my tea and get ready to snuggle inside my nest ^^ go and check it out here - Link


  1. Following you via Bloglovin'! Found ya on the One Chocolate Box linkup!

  2. I LOVE jumping into my bed when it's full of tons and tons of cushions! So warm and comfy!

  3. @thebifrostbakery aww thank you! x

  4. @safamaryamsyed high five to that! <3


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