Sunday, 22 December 2013

Miss Patisserie | Le Pud*

Last night I needed an hour to myself so I naturally went to the bathroom, ran the water and decided what bath bomb to use next, I have accumulated quite a few now and it was ever so hard to decide ^^
After a few minutes I chose Le Pud from Miss Patisserie <3

Product Description:
Le Pud is back for another year due to popular demand. It has a beautiful, elegant fragrance of frankincense and Persian rose. Directions: Drop your pud in a warm bath and relax!

This is such a pretty bath bomb and when I received this along with two other goodies to review I knew that I needed to keep this for a very cold and dull winter's day.
It comes packaged in this very kitsch style box and this makes a perfect last minute gift idea too!

The detailing is amazing for a bath product, from the delicate holly that is placed on top of the pudding to the lightly sprinkled glitter to finish it off, I was in love... with it.

Though it is a Christmas product it did not smell christmassy to me, it was quite an uplifting fragrance which is actually perfect for the dull and colder months.
When I popped this into the tub, the bath bomb sank to the bottom and started fizzing away. It was neither a slow melting bathbomb nor a fast fizzer.

It gave my bath water a beautiful pinky purple tint with lightly sprinkled glitter that floated on the top, this bath water was definitely fit for a princess <3
The scent lingered on until the end and I found this one to be quite heavily scented. I would describe it as a citrus meets floral scent, quite a complex one to actually pin point but it is very far from the traditional sweet/cinnamony scents that are commonly found in christmas products.

There was no need to clean up and I left the bath feeling uplifted and strangely motivated!

Check it out here - £3.90*/link

What is your favourite product from Miss Patisserie?


  1. What a lovely look bath bomb, and the smell sure
    sounds lovely c: Xx

  2. This looks fantastic, I love how it is packaged x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. The bathboom looks fantastic! And it would be perfect for a relaxing bath. Hope you have a great day!

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  4. great blog post :)
    check my blog out you might like it =)

  5. This bath bomb looks soooo pretty and chic. It sounds like that the smell would be really nice too (mmm.. roses..).

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx

  6. OO Don't think I have ever tried a product from here! Looks lush! Making me want to take a bath now :P

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    Can't wait to read more of your posts and be a loyal little commenter hun!

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  7. @Ice Pandora even i was amazed at how it performed, a definite recommendation! ^^ xx

  8. @Beautyqueenuk It sure is the cutest! wish all bathbombs were like this ^^ xx

  9. @Heidi Fuqua definitely a must for a cold winter's day xx

  10. @Aleena Rana aww thank you! sure i will check it out! ^^ xx

  11. @Sindy Ng I totally agree! thank you! <3 x

  12. @Olivia tres chic! hehe ^^ a part of me didn't want to use it though lol xx

  13. @Fatbeautyx aww hehe! ^^ omg wow! thank you! looking forward to reading your comments :) I have added you back too :) xx

  14. This looks amazing, so pretty and a real treat for a relaxing bath! I love your photography too, it looks great!

    Alice from xx

  15. This bath bomb looks fab

  16. @Aliceinthelookingglass aww thankuuu! ^^ I do try to improve the photos, learnt so much from other bloggers too :) but thank you glad you loved the review! xx

  17. @Joanna Victoria ^^ it's harder to use when it looks so pretty lol xx

  18. They look too nice to use :-) I start following your blog now. Can you please check out my blog ; I only started last week and maybe if you like it, will you follow me? Thanx! Mieke

  19. @Mieke Beelen I know right! ^^ but it had to be done :) thanks! sure I shall check it out! x


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