Monday, 2 December 2013

Pretty Pastels And Vintage Designs | My English Summer Products*

So recently I received the most daintiest of packages, a small box with three of the most cutest products I have ever seen.
My English Summer do a range of hand crafted skin & body care items, each one is just as pretty and the packaging will be popular amongst vintage fans out there.
In the 'about us' section My English Summer state very clearly about the importance of unique and handmade items. The charm factor of a carefully crafted product than a mass produced one and the vintage designs will take you back to the styles and trends of yesteryear.

I was lovingly sent three pretty products to try out | 1x Pretty Little Bath Bomb | 1x Pretty little Soap Fancy | 1x Sweet heart Matchbox Perfume
My English Summer have a vast amount of products to choose from! It doesn't just stop at bath bombs and soaps but they also make lip balms, body butters, eye gels, hand creams and even cute gift items that are perfect for this time of the year! Before I leave a link to this gorgeous company scroll down to see the amazing images of the products ^^

These pretty treats came packaged in a small box, Each bath treat comes with it's own small and cute drawstring bag which even has a label attached to it . The label is very informative and it even lists the ingredients used to make these dainty lil products  ^^ 

I just cannot decide which one to review first! They are all so pretty and I do not feel like ruining the intricate details and designs ^^
My first impressions of seeing the products face to face was literally like this >> O_O
The scents are also very vintage esque, that powdery floral scent that seems to never go out of style.
The product that I am most looking forward to trying out is the Solid perfume, I used to own one, well I actually 'borrowed' it from my mom, it was a navy blue tin that had this beautiful art deco print and scent was very musky/flowery and I seemed to love it so using my very own one that's brand new is so exciting!
I will post a review of each of the products shortly, Have you heard of My English Summer before? Comment below ^^ 


  1. Omg this is such cute products! And they sound great! And yes when I saw the pictures my reaction is this too O.O
    It's dainty!

    Anna Czarina

  2. @Anna Czarina haha I know right! totally cute xx cannot wait to start reviewing it all individually :)


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