Friday, 31 January 2014

Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream* | Review

Creamy cleansers are a favourite of mine, it's no secret that I use them in my morning skin care routine so when this arrived I was ecstatic to give this a go. This product claims to sooth the skin whilst breaking down any surface pollutants and in the world we live in now, this seemed perfect. Nobody would want the effect of pollution to affect their complexion so let's talk about this in more depth. 

Product description: 
The anti-pollution cream cleanser for skin challenged by a polluted urban environment. Enriched with extracts of purifying Moringa and nourishing Shea and mango, this rich cream cleanser is ultra-effective and restores the skin's purity, radiance and beauty while providing ultimate comfort. For use on face and eyes. 
• Perfectly removes make-up and impurities while providing ultimate comfort.
• Rids the skin of traces of pollution. Detoxifies the epidermis and protects the skin from the harmful effects of pollution.
• Nourishes, softens and hydrates. Restores the skin's biological balance to preserve its youthfulness.
• The Clarins touch: A professional cleansing method that is as simple as it is effective, available for viewing on the Clarins website

• Mild surfactants: Perfectly rid the skin of make-up and impurities.
• Moringa seed extract: Eliminates traces of pollution, detoxifies the epidermis and protects the skin from the harmful effects of pollution*.
• Mango butter, Shea butter, jojoba oil: nourish, soften and moisturise.
• BioEcolia: Restores the skin's biological balance to preserve its youthfulness.

First off I want to talk about the scent, I love a good ol' scent in products but as long as it smells natural. This cleanser has that typical spa like scent which I absolutely love, It also reminds me of a hot summer day because it also has a sun cream like scent mixed in. Not going to complain about this because looking outside right now, I do miss mr sun!

The consistency is indeed very creamy but also light too, rest assured your face and hands will not feel greasy, yay! When I applied this onto my skin, the cream seemed to have a cooling effect and that made me feel relaxed, refreshed and it definitely soothed my skin.

I would describe this cleanser as a 'hug in a tube' since my skin had never felt so comfortable and hydrated. Greatly recommended for dry and sensitive skin types.

Moving onto the 'how to apply this' part, I simply warmed up the product in the palms of my hands and then I massaged this onto my face and neck, for a good minute or so and then I rinsed this off using a warm face cloth. After using this my skin felt soothed, comfortable, calm and even softened!
Your moisture levels are topped up and the product does not congest your skin in any way.
This also removed my face make up perfectly, at one usage that is pretty good! Though if you are a heavy make up wearer you may need to use it twice just to ensure that every trace of make up has been removed. This is also usable on the eyes but since my eye make up is a bit on the heavier side - lashings of mascara and pigmented black liner, I don't think using this is the best idea simply because of time and the stuggle it will cause to remove it all but it may work for those who wear lighter eye make up.

All in all I really enjoyed using this and this may of replaced my current cleanser ^^ 
So do not let the 'city life' ruin your skin, try this and you will not look back, A definite recommendation from me!

Available nationwide, check it out here //£25*

What do you think about an anti-pollution cleansing cream?

This post contains a press sample.

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Monthly Favourites | January 2014

Clockwise from the bottom: Burt's bees almond milk beeswax hand cream | Benefit's porefessional primer | Estee lauder double wear mascara | Benefit's that gal primer | Burt's bees radiance eye cream

Welcome to a fresh new monthly favourites of 2014! I seem to have a theme in this favourites post and that is - mini beauty products.
I have accumulated quite a selection of unused minis that seem to never get used so whilst clearing out my stash I decided to incorporate them into my make up routine ^^

These five miniatures deserve to be spoken about, since I did get on well with these and I may even go to purchase the full sized ones <3

Burt's Bees almond milk beeswax hand cream - This is such a lovely thick cream that I now use in the night before sleeping and this has surely helped sooth any dry skin patches and it adds alot of moisture back that was lost. I also need to point out that this smells like marzipan! So scrummy. A little goes a long way with this product and it sure is great for travelling too!

Benefit's Porefessional primer - I received this sample but I kept it stored away since priming is the forgotten step in my routine, I tend to 'laze' away because I do not have the time BUT adding this to my daily make up routine was the best thing yet! It minimises my pores and it keeps my make-up on for longer, I do not need to powder as much and this has such a lovely silky texture.

Estee Lauder double wear mascara - This lil beaut has all the capabilities of being a decent mascara, It adds definition and lengthens my lashes to an extreme length and do you know the best part? it does not smudge ^^ one of my favourites in my collection amongst Rimmel and L'oreal. I would love to try more higher end mascaras though!

Benefit's That gal primer - Again staying with the primer topic, this was another sample that I had stored away. This added luminosity to my complexion, it definitely brightens and it held my make up so it's another winner! I have learnt that you should NEVER skip the priming part, since it creates a perfect clean canvas for your make up.

Burt's Bees radiance eye cream - I received this in a mini radiance kit and I love this stuff! I can confidently say that this brightens, lifts and hydrates my eye area <3 I will have to purchase the full sized one £20,a pop.

What have you been loving this month?

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Clarins NEW Opalescence Spring Make-Up Collection ‏ 2014

Clarins Spring 2014 Make up Collection

Spring make up collections are my fave! Rosy hues,flawless bases and a lil injection of colour <3 When I received the press release for the Clarins new opalescence collection I jumped for joy because this may be the only collection I think you need, Clarins have definitely got it all covered! These products will be releasing in February! Not long to go but for now read on to see what this collection consists of:

Radiance Boosting Complexion Base - Available in three shades: 01 rose, 02 champagne and 03 peach~£26 each

For beautiful skin in an instant, this tube is a must-have life line for any make-up kit. Applied alone after your regular day cream or mixed with your foundation, Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base helps to eliminate imperfections, giving skin the flawless finish we all desire.

Limited edition face and blush powder - £30

This limited edition face powder is ideal for all skin tones and offers skin a boost radiance with it's trio of fresh, complexion boosting shades. Sweep over the face to add a fresh ray of light to the skin or add a touch of blush with the light pink tone for a quick rosy glow. The gorgeous holographic lid also represents the fresh vitality this palette offers.

Multi-Blush Cream Blush - Available in four shades: 01 peach, 02 candy, 03 Grenadine and 04 rosewood~£18 each

A flush of colour to the cheeks accentuates freshness and good health. Easy to apply, this lightweight cream melts into the skin to sculpt, smooth and add a hint of colour to create a light, natural- looking finish. Floral waxes from rose, mimosa, jojoba and sunflower protects skin against dehydration.

Ombre Mineral in Smoky Plum - £17

For added definition this new addition to the Mineral Eyeshadow range offers a seductive ultra-luminous plum colour. The highly pigmented formula allows for intense colour through both wet and dry application.

Limited Edition Eye Quartet Mineral Palette - £31

Enhance eyes with this collection of four illuminating shades. The white highlighter offers a pearly hint to the eye whilst the opulent pink and grey shades create definition. Use dry for a subtle look or slightly dampen the applicator for more vivid colour. Finally, the plum eyeliner adds a touch of vibrancy and matches perfectly with the softer tones of the palette.

Gloss Prodige - Available in two shades: 11 coral tulip and 12 crystal~£17 each

This ultra glossy, non sticky formula smoothes lips and makes them look naturally fuller thanks to the intelligent ‘Suprashine Colour Complex’. The additional raspberry oil also nourishes the lips to prevent cracking. This new coral tulip shade adds a veil of light pink to the lips and for those who love a finished glossy look, this new transparent version enhances radiance and acts a great seal over your regular lipstick.

Joli Rouge Brilliant Sheer Shine Lipstick - Available in three shades: 19 tropical pink, 20 coral tulip and 21 pink orchid~£18 each

These lipsticks provide luminous colour in a deeply moisturising, soft texture, leaving lips fuller looking, soft and incredibly shiny. These new additions offer a range of bright, vibrant colours that will add a touch of sparkle to everyone’s lips.

I will be reviewing my top picks from the collection soon so stay tuned for those reviews! What product catches your eye? 

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sweet Heart Matchbox Perfume* - My English Summer | Review

Time to review another hidden gem from My English Summer and this has to be one of my favourites from the selection that was sent to me. You can check out the products/run through here

Product description:

A solid perfume tablet that melts on contact with the skin. The fragrance is light and fruity.
Adorable vintage inspired packaging - makes a wonderfully unique and unusual gift!
Directions - Simply take the tablet from the box and rub it on your pulse points.
Heat will cause this product to melt! It is not recommended to keep the perfume in your pocket as body heat may melt the perfume.

I remember 'borrowing' my mom's solid perfume which she had kept in her collection. I was fascinated by it's art deco packaging and musky scent. Since then I have not tried another solid perfume and I honestly don't know why I didn't try to find a replacement but I have fallen in love with this one. It is quite an 'old school' beauty item and I love the idea of the perfume being solid so it's great for travelling since there will be less leakages and no unnecessary heavy weight in your handbag.

I love how this is packaged, It certainly is a unique looking item and it definitely has a vintage feel - from the old styled image to the handmade flower deco, this would make an ultimate gift idea for all the vintage lovers out there.

This is a very 'hands on' product because unlike normal perfumes that need to be sprayed this hasn't got a man-made approach to it,which I love! The 12g tablet is simply rubbed onto your pulse points. It warms up with your body temperature to release the gorgeous fruit scented oils. For me this took quite some time to apply simply because I am not that warm blooded (I always have cold hands/feet) but with the help of a heater I was able to apply it on my wrists and all of the scent was transferred onto my skin.
When you smell the actual tablet it is quite strong, but in a good way since it is supposed to be a concentrated concoction.
This smells amazing! I would describe this scent as a tropical fruit like scent with a hint of a citrus note <3 If you love fruity scents then you will absolutely love this.

The scent lingers on for quite some time and I love that once you move around you do get a whiff of it. This definitely means that this has a decent amount of scent to be a called a solid perfume.
My English Summer sell two versions, this scent and a Pomegranate one which is a sweet but spicy scent ^^

A definite recommendation from me!

Check it out here/£4.95* >> Link

Have you ever used a solid perfume before?

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Primark S/S 2014 Collection / Top Picks

Primark S/S 2014 Collection

I swear it felt like yesterday when I posted my A/W picks from Primark! Time sure does fly!
Here's another fresh instalment of my top Spring/Summer 2014 picks from the much loved store - Primark.

Clothes: As much as I love black, spring gives us a chance to inject some colour into our wardrobes and these three pieces are my fave! The soft pastel yellow jumper is great to just throw on for those breezy spring days. The two blazers that I have picked are absolutely adorable, I just couldn't stay away from the black one, I mean it still has accents of colour right? The bright jade green blazer is perfect for both day and night wear. These basic staples should be in every girl's closet.

Accessories: Primark have really upped their game, particularly in the accessories department. I am particularly drawn towards the big chunky statements pieces because it can even dress up a plain basic white tee. Definitely pick up one (or a couple) of those necklaces :) I am loving that milkshake pink bag, definitely screams spring and as much as I love a monochrome ensemble I do love pastel shades too ^^ The 'bite me' shopper bag is uber cute! why carry around groceries in plastic bags when you can use one of these?! And lastly I am obsessed with all things holographic... I seriously think accents of holographic can make an outfit because you do not want to over do this trend, adding just a clutch and some shoes will liven up a normal day to day outfit and that's why I think this clutch should be a must have!

Have you seen the S/S 2014 Collection? What takes your fancy? Comment below :)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Limited Edition Gold Fun* By Lush | Review

Talk about one multi-tasking product! Lush introduced a line of 'Fun' bars not too long ago and after receiving a gold limited edition in my goody bag, I needed to try it out all the different ways and see if it lives up to it's description <3 

Product description:

"SWEET HONEY-TOFFEE FUNHave your bath and play with it too! We’ve created a very special limited-edition version of FUN, our multipurpose shampoo, soap, bubble bath and moldable toy just for this holiday season. We started with our best-selling honey-toffee fragrance to give it an incredibly delicious aroma, then we added a luxurious gold luster! Resist the urge to take a bite of this sweet roll, despite how scrumptious it smells. Instead, we recommend you mold it into some fancy jewelry or a gold medal, then smush it under running water to get a tub full of soft, sweet caramel-scented bubbles. Delectable!"
This was a Christmas 2013 product and is no longer available but Lush do have five other colours/scents that are available all year round :)
Fun is quite an interesting product and I was excited to try it out in as many ways as possible. The first thing I did was use it to a make a cute bear, Lush encourages you and the kids to play with this since it brightens up dull bath time. This was just like playdoh but alot more softer and it did crumble many times but it is able to mold firmly after a few rollings and squeezes.
Secondly I tried using this as soap, using two of mr bear's arms I molded it to a usable shape and I was quite surprised at it's ability to become soap. After adding water, the gold fun produced soft bubbles leaving my hands feeling clean, soft and slightly fragranced. If I could, I would replace the ordinary bathroom soap with all the colours of fun, adding alot of colourful shapes onto a soap dish would seem rather pleasing towards any house guests too.
Lastly I used this as a bubble bar to create bubbles for a hot bath. I simply used the rest of mr bear and a bit more from the packet and crumbled it under the tap. Within moments my tub had quite an amount of soft toffee/caramel smelling bubbles. Again I was quite shocked at it's ability to do so because essentially I just saw this as a gimmicky toy like product but I take my thoughts back because this may be something worth looking into.
This has the scent of 'honey i washed the kids' which is by far my favourite scent. A very scrummy toffee scent that is loved by many. My bath had a yellow tint and it even had a gold shimmer running through it from the gold lustre which was pretty cool! 
Now what is actually inside this gold fun? well, it is comprised of comforting sweet wild orange oil, uplifting bergamot, softening cornflour and plenty of gold lustre ^^

I really enjoyed using this, this was the first time I have ever used a fun bar from Lush. I have never tried any of the other colours/scents so I cannot compare a 'normal' fun with this lustred limited edition one however I am now eyeing up the blue fun since I do not have a relaxing scent for bedtime... a valid excuse right?

Check out the range here

What do you think of Lush's Fun?

Monday, 20 January 2014

Pamper Time | Nut Oil Masque - Montagne Jeunesse

I love a good ol' pamper sesh and I opted for this face mask out of my ever growing collection. I remember going Superdrug alot just to buy these masks but then I started using other brands and trying new types of masks but you cannot beat this much loved brand - Montagne Jeunesse.

Product description:
Feed your skin with this African delight, you’d be nuts not to. The goodness of nourishing Baobab Oil sourced from the African ‘Tree of Life’ & miracle Marula Oil penetrates deep down to reveal glowing & nourished skin.

Now it sure felt good opening this packet, definitely had a lil reminiscent moment... When I was buying these masks years ago, the range wasn't as big and I used to stick to the peel off masks but lately looking at their website I was amazed to see so many types of masks which I definitely need to get my paws on... woops rambling on here! Best get back to the review ^^

With this mask you will achieve hydrated, nourished and glowing skin. Right now I will say YES! it definitely ticked all of the boxes.
This contained baobab oil and marula oil and I had no idea what it was going to smell like, I guessed that it would smell all herbal and not that appealing but I was wrong...
This smelt so scrummy! I would describe the scent as a nutty vanilla cookie to be precise YUM! 
Scent aside, The mask itself was so creamy and thick that I couldn't finish the packet. I think I have used atleast a half of it but I have clipped it so that I can use it next week, It's great because I will get two uses out of it :)
The mask's colour starts off as a pistachio green and once dried it turns into a bright white shade.
Removing this was surprising easy, with a damp and warm flannel I simply removed the mask using circular motions and nothing was left on my face! usually after some effort everything is removed and the best part? My skin looked and felt renewed and my complexion was looking as bright as a lightbulb! (no exaggeration there!)
Normally with clay masks, the feeling of your skin after washing it off can possibly feel tight, dry or uncomfortable but this one was the total opposite.
My skin was transformed. Smoother and brighter skin that felt comfortable. I did feel that this mask gave my skin more moisture rather than taking it away.

So in conclusion I am going to say that I am nuts for this :-p and I would definitely recommend this to everyone. It's only a £1.00 and it would be rude not to pick this one up!

Check it out here available at all major retailers and you can even check if this one is near you by simply adding your postcode onto the nearest retailer page on the website!

I would love to know what is your favourite mask from MJ?

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lush Wishlist #2

lush wishlist 2
Clockwise from the top: Dorothy bubble bar // Phoenix rising bath bomb// Honey bee bath bomb// You've been mangoed bath melt// The comforter bubble bar

I have accumulated quite a few products from Lush and it has kind of become an obsession. I went out in the sales to purchase some Lush products which I will be posting in a few days for a Lush haul post but there it just something about this shop that makes you want to come back for more... please tell me it's not just me ^^ I have been eyeing up these five products and I would purchase these after everything in my stash has finished.

This colourful, floral-smelling bubble bar helps you feel magic.
When you need to clear your mind and float up the yellow brick road, indulge in this rainbow of a bubble bath. Ylang ylang and orange flower absolute create a heady floral fragrance, which will lift your mood.

A mystical, shimmering purple and green layered ballistic that rises in the water on a cloud of exotic spice fragrance.
When your skin is feeling over-cooked and in desperate need of hydration, Phoenix Rising’s blend of cocoa and shea butters will have you rising out of the bath with soft, luscious skin. Its rich, cinnamon fragrance will also lift your mood if you’re feeling out of sorts.

A sweet-scented bath bomb with honey and rhassoul mud to soothe skin.
A good soak in a Honey Bee bath will soothe and cleanse the skin thanks to its wonder trio of honey, aloe vera, and rhassoul mud, a clay mined near Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Its sweet caramel honey scent can also be found in our best-selling Honey I Washed The Kids soap and It’s Raining Men shower gel.

This moisturising melt made with exotic fruit butters will lift your mood with its zesty fragrance.
A gorgeous way to wake up and replenish the skin: the bright citrus fragrance of lemongrass, lime and lemon oils lifts the mood, while its mix of cocoa, avocado and mango butters are a rich treat for the skin.

A bathtime blend of fruity essential oils to wrap you up in a big comforting hug.
Sometimes you just need to shut yourself off from the outside world under a blanket of fruity foam that will put you back in the right frame of mind to face the world.

Let me know in the comments below, what are your all time favourite picks and if you have tried/loved any of the products from my wishlist :)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Get The Kawaii Look.

*Insert* a lil kawaii pic of your face here... The look completed :)

I can now call myself a huge fan of Kawaii, You will see exactly what I mean in some upcoming posts but after researching and 'Oohing' at other make up looks that are inspired by the Japan/Asian culture I decided to give it a shot. I went to my make up drawers and pulled out items which I thought would look great as part of this look.
This Kawaii make up look is based on flawless complexions complemented with pops of pink to make you look effortlessly cute. This will not cover up your natural beauty... it will enhance it <3

So to start off this look you will need a primer, a decent one like Benefit's Porefessional will allow you to work on a clear and smooth canvas. After applying this my complexion instantly felt smooth, my pores were reduced and this product allows make up to stay put. Amazing stuff!
Moving on to foundation, I chose the EX1 Invisiwear liquid foundation because it is such a light foundation that literally has no weight, so you feel as if you have put nothing on your face and the look is all about enhancing your beauty rather than putting a mask on so I applied this wherever I needed to and then I buffed it into the skin using my Nanshy flat top buffer brush.
Now onto concealer, I picked out the Glo minerals under eye concealer because it is so creamy! it conceals all the lil flaws and under eye circles. For precision, use a concealer brush. If you already have a youthful and clear complexion (lucky you) then skip this step :) 
For face powder I put forward the Kryolan translucent powder
This instantly mattifies the skin and gives an incredible longevity to the full make up look, remember not to over powder though because the face needs to look dewy/healthy so just lightly dust this over.
For brows, I used the MUA Eye brow kit to gently define my brows and achieve the fuller look but again be careful not to over do this one as it can look harsh which takes away what we are trying to achieve so try a couple of strokes and that's it.
To define my eyes, I used the Frontcover eye pencil and smudger from this cute kit and I lined the upper lashline and smudged it outwards but don't let it wing out too much as this will look unnatural. This will give the illusion of fuller lashes.
Next for clarity I applied the Lancome definicils mascara onto my lashes, apply one coat to both upper and lower lashes and then a second coat to just the upper edge lashes and this will make your eyes appear bigger ^^ use a definition mascara rather than a volumising one and try not to over coat lashes as this will start to appear clumpy and you do not want that!
Time to highlight and using the Bourjois illuminating touch highlighter
Apply this onto your cheekbones and temples because this will make your skin look happier and radiant. Apply any excess around the eye area to lift and brighten <3
Now this part is my favourite, You can use the same highlighter or use a eyeshadow for this step, I used the very light lilacy colour from the Maybelline Quad eyeshadow in the range 'purple drama' and for this simply smile so that you can apply some colour onto the flesh which are your 'eyebags' and this gives the look of 'puffy and smiley' eyes.
Now to add the pops of pink, I used my trusty blusher from sleek, this pixie pink shade is perfect for this look, simply smile again and buff some colour onto those cheeks!
Lastly to achieve a cute and healthy pink pout I used my burt's bees lipbalm to prep my lips and then I coated my lips with this gorgeous 'barbie' pink lipstick (shade 4) from MUA, this lipstick is more of a tint rather than a full on colour and that is perfect for this look. Try pink tints rather than matte/satin lipsticks. when you are applying this use your fingers, not a brush because you want it to look natural and not defined.

And now the simple kawaii look is complete! I feel and look great. It is such a effortless everyday look that is very comfortable to wear. I hope you enjoyed this! Would love to know what you think of this look, hope you try it out! 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

LUSH Valentine's Day Collection 2014

Beautysets - lush
Clockwise from the bottom left: Neon love soap ~ Love locket bath bomb ~ The kiss lipgloss ~ Tender is the night massage bar ~ Close to you massage bar ~ Prince charming shower gel

I think I am slowly getting obsessed with Lush, After the success of their Xmas collection I am now head over heels in love with their new collection for Valentines day.
These six products look and sound amazing, I just want it all! 

Here are the descriptions for each of the products:
(Clockwise from the bottom left)

Neon love soap //£4.25 for 100g
This is a unique soap with an uplifting, fruity fragrance. Bergamot and rosewood work together to create a rich scent, whilst fresh figs, passion fruit juice and soya yoghurt nourish and soften the skin.

Love locket bath bomb//£6.95 each

The Love Locket was inspired by the kind of heart-shaped locket you wear as a necklace, perhaps with a secret photograph of a loved one inside. In the same way, you have to unlock (crack open) this Love Locket bath bomb to reveal the secrets hidden within…

The kiss lipgloss//£5.75 for 10g

A delightful, whipped up gloss made from luxurious and protective butters including Fair Trade shea and cupuaƧu. This preservative free tinted lip gloss gives a touch of colour to the lips. It’s so easy to apply you won’t even need a mirror!

Tender is the night massage bar//£6.50 for 60g
Probably our most romantic product ever...with exquisite floral essential oils and a beautiful floral fragrance to leave your skin smelling absolutely divine. Re-launching for Valentine’s Day, this product will be staying on permanently.

Close to you massage bar//£5.50 for 45g
This smooshable massage bar is beautifully fragranced with Fair Trade vanilla absolute. Inspired by the humble Jammie Dodger biscuit – as you peek through the heart shaped hole on top of bar you can see into the sumptuous white fondant centre.

Prince charming shower gel//£4.65 for 100g
With marshmallow root, Fair Trade vanilla and fresh pomegranate juice, Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset, leaving your skin silky soft and smelling lovely – the fragrance is made using a beautiful blend of grapefruit, sandalwood and geranium oils.


Though the collection is small, it does include potential hits. The three products that I am intrigued by are the shower gel, lipgloss and the bathbomb. They seem to be my kind of a scent/product that I would actually use and I ABSOLUTELY adore the bath bomb, isn't it mega cute? I also love the colour of the lipgloss, so candyfloss like. This mini collection has won my heart... has it won yours? Comment below <3 

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Pretty Lil Soap Fancy* Review | My English Summer

Pretty vintage style beauty products are one of my most favorite things and when I discovered My English Summer I was head over heels in love with how the bath and body products were made and presented. I was lovingly sent three products to try and you can read more about this cute lil company and see the products sent in this post here

Product Description:

These pretty little soap fancies look good enough to eat, but please don't! They are a mild, SLS-free soap, fragranced with our signature blend of soft florals and washed cotton. 
These charming little squares are lightly sprinkled with our sparkling fairy dust (actually cosmetic grade glitter) and adorned with a pretty pink rose. They look so pretty sat in your bathroom or on your dressing table, and they compliment our pretty little bath bombs perfectly.

Presented in a pretty white organza bag with our My English Summer tag, these adorable little soaps make superb gifts and wedding favours.

Now I'll have to admit, a part of me did not want to use it simply because it was just TOO pretty and I didn't want to ruin the design, but I guess it had to be done! ^^
Remember to remove the handmade wired flower on the top before using the soap. I even found a use for the cute lil decoration! I simply wrapped it around my bobby pin and I got a brand new hair accessory out of it, Neat! non?

This soap fancy actually reminds me of a fondant fancy, so cake like and delicate. You can just tell how lovingly this has been made, from the sprinkled on glitter to the handmade flower detailing. My English Summer truly mean business!

The has a gorgeous floral meets freshly washed cotton scent that smells natural and after using this my hands were left feeling soft and delicately scented. This lathered up well leaving soft bubbles and watching the glitter swirl down the drain was strangely hypnotising. After first use there is still glitter remaining on the soap and I am so glad about that!
I say replace all your ordinary hand soaps with these cute soap fancies. No questions asked... These soaps come packaged individually in a drawstring bag. This makes it a great gift idea and it's also great for party favours too. What more could you want?

Check it out here //£3.50*

What do you think of these lil soap fancies?  

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Achieve Spider Lashes With Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Lycra Flex Mascara

HANDS DOWN! This is one of my most favourite mascaras, with this gem you can easily achieve spider lashes.I have also featured it twice in my monthly favourites which you can read here and here. This product needed a separate review so that you can see why this works so well.

Product description:
Rimmel London Scandaleyes Lycra Flex mascara
Oversized volumising mascara with LYCRA® for soft and flexible lashes.
MaxDensity brush covers the whole lash line with one effortless coat. Flexible Formula enhanced with weightless LYCRA® technology makes lashes look full and voluptuous but remain flexible, never stiff or brittle! Layer it on, now and later.
First of all the lime green packaging definitely attracts the eye so am sure it would want to make you pick it up, The brush is HUGE and I absolutely do not have a problem with it not being able to coat any of my lashes properly, it even coats the top and bottom lashes precisely which you wouldn't expect from such a big brush.
Expect your lashes to reach an illegal length with this bad boy, from my eye image above you can see the extreme length it had given to my lashes. I used two coats and the results were fantastic!

Even if you have the shortest of lashes, this mascara will for sure add dramatic volume and length, It seriously makes you look as if you have put on false eyelashes/individual lashes but without the effort.The formula is the blackest of all blacks, it looks perfect paired up with a cat eye or a smokey eye.

What is different about this mascara is that it you control the amount you want to use so you can achieve either two looks, one being wearable for day time with one coat or dramatic spider lashes for the night. I also found that my lashes were not really stiff but it felt soft and actually flexible just like the product description.
I didn't come across any clumping, just remember to let the first coat dry then apply the second coat.
Nor did I come across any smudging or flaking, this just does the job without any mishaps.

So if you are looking for definition, volume, long lasting lashes without the flaking/smudging and soft lashes even with two coats of mascara then I suggest giving this mascara a whirl! 

Available at Superdrug/Boots - ONLY £4.99!!!

Have you tried this mascara before? What are your views on it?

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Monday, 6 January 2014

L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick In Luminous Coral* | Review

I think 2014 is the year to try and experiment with different shades that I wouldn't normally go for, I normally shy away from red/coral lipstick shades but receiving this made me want to try it to see how it would look and I quite liked it. I know it isn't a full on red but hey! it's a pretty big step for me to use this after using 'safer' shades for such a long time.

I adore L'Oreal lipsticks, easy applications to full on pigmentation, this range ticks all of the boxes.

Product description:


Its rich formula is enriched with a combination of Omega-3 and Vitamin E and leaves your lips feeling moisturised.

The packaging really stands out from the traditional black casings you find in other brands, the gold gives it a 'luxe' feeling.
One of the things I like the most in cosmetics is the brand logo being imprinted onto the actual product, it just makes it look more professional if not then mega expensive!
This is such a no fuss and easy to wear colour, This warm coral shade has an amazing pigmentation and can be worn as a tint or as a full on colour.
This has subtle shimmers which definitely adds depth to the colour rather than being a dull matte shade.
This shade can be worn any season and at any time. So versatile!
This provides amazing hydration and comfort to the lips, this did not cling to any dry patches either but you can prep your lips by using a lip scrub and by applying your favourite lipbalm prior to the application.
Wear time is good, lasts for a good couple of hours before a re-application. I have noticed that this seems to have a staining power so there is some colour left but you would obviously need to top it up.
The scent reminds me of playing with my moms lipsticks when I was younger, you know that old but strangely comforting scent that used to be used in old cosmetics,I love that scent but for others it may not be the most pleasing scent.

Overall this is such a decent lippy! a high street product that is on the higher end in terms of pricing but I guess you can never have enough lipsticks, non?

£8.19* - Available at Boots & Superdrug

Have you tried this range/shade/lipstick before?

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil In Original | Review

Meet 'airbrush' in a pot, that is what I like to call it ^^
I actually received this in the starter kit and I decided to take it out of my make up stash so that I could admire and talk about this gem of a product.

Product description:

For the ultimate, translucent "finishing touch" to your makeup, our bareMinerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder infuses skin with softness and light, giving you the look of airbrushed perfection.
Make the most of your makeup with Mineral Veil® finishing powder, a see-through but spectacular finale for any kind of complexion. Minimising lines, absorbing oils, and softening your complexion, it gives you a flawless finish that's too good to miss. And best of all, it's utterly weightless. Just a bare veil of minerals that lock makeup in place and give your skin airbrushed perfection.
The product description really is on point, I couldn't of described it better myself.
The sturdy plastic jar is great for on the go and it even has a sifter so that you can control the amount of product that you want to use.
This is available in four shades/types, The original shade that I have is suited for all skin tones because it buffs into a transparent finish.
This buffs perfectly to leave the skin looking literally airbrushed, my make up was also kept looking 'freshly put on' for a couple of hours since it kept the oiliness away.
This does not settle into any fine lines nor does it settle onto any large pores.
It is such a feather light powder that you can not feel on your face which is such a plus!
This is one product that I have been enjoying recently and I am sure that I will love this even more in the warmer months <3
So if you are looking for a light and natural looking translucent powder that helps control shine, oil and doesn't make you look 'ghostly' then definitely check this out!

Check it out here - £20 for 9g

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