Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Achieve Spider Lashes With Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Lycra Flex Mascara

HANDS DOWN! This is one of my most favourite mascaras, with this gem you can easily achieve spider lashes.I have also featured it twice in my monthly favourites which you can read here and here. This product needed a separate review so that you can see why this works so well.

Product description:
Rimmel London Scandaleyes Lycra Flex mascara
Oversized volumising mascara with LYCRA® for soft and flexible lashes.
MaxDensity brush covers the whole lash line with one effortless coat. Flexible Formula enhanced with weightless LYCRA® technology makes lashes look full and voluptuous but remain flexible, never stiff or brittle! Layer it on, now and later.
First of all the lime green packaging definitely attracts the eye so am sure it would want to make you pick it up, The brush is HUGE and I absolutely do not have a problem with it not being able to coat any of my lashes properly, it even coats the top and bottom lashes precisely which you wouldn't expect from such a big brush.
Expect your lashes to reach an illegal length with this bad boy, from my eye image above you can see the extreme length it had given to my lashes. I used two coats and the results were fantastic!

Even if you have the shortest of lashes, this mascara will for sure add dramatic volume and length, It seriously makes you look as if you have put on false eyelashes/individual lashes but without the effort.The formula is the blackest of all blacks, it looks perfect paired up with a cat eye or a smokey eye.

What is different about this mascara is that it you control the amount you want to use so you can achieve either two looks, one being wearable for day time with one coat or dramatic spider lashes for the night. I also found that my lashes were not really stiff but it felt soft and actually flexible just like the product description.
I didn't come across any clumping, just remember to let the first coat dry then apply the second coat.
Nor did I come across any smudging or flaking, this just does the job without any mishaps.

So if you are looking for definition, volume, long lasting lashes without the flaking/smudging and soft lashes even with two coats of mascara then I suggest giving this mascara a whirl! 

Available at Superdrug/Boots - ONLY £4.99!!!

Have you tried this mascara before? What are your views on it?

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  1. The length sounds incredible, would love to try it :o)! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I loooove scandaleyes mascara, best on the high street! x

  3. I haven't tried this yet, but I've been tempted to buy it quite a few times. Looks great and will definitely give it a go now :)

    Lovely post and lovely blog


  4. VERY detailed review! THank you love! I want to try it now

  5. @Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt You should definitely try it out! you have my recommendation! xx

  6. @Amy Barden Yes! you definitely should! you have my recommendation <3 xx thankuuu!

  7. @Cmichellestyles aww thank you! <3 xx

  8. Great Post, I have never tried this mascara, but I absolutely love Rimmel. Will probably pick it up to try it out.

  9. ive loved avon mascaras since well forever! but rimmel is my fav drugstore brand so need to try this! thanks lovely x

    btw i followed you from the bright side blog!

    would you be willing to check my blog out and maybe follow?

  10. @Tracey Leigh aww definitely give this one a go! aww thank you :) sure i will check it out xx


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